Letters to the editor


We have been a loyal customer of AEP for quite sometime.

I have been thru many winter storms in Southern Ohio.

But this last power outage has really been a problem.

There were two trees down on both ends of Duncan Rd. and “NOBODY” was doing anything to remove the trees or restore power to the residents on Duncan Rd.

This area is NOT an isolated country road, but a busy cross over road from Duck Run to S.R. 348.

Nothing was done by AEP, the county or cable companies except the Washington two step and buck passing.

That is until we called “ALL” of the Representatives of Ohio. Then something got done.

Dan and Annie Marlowe

Lucasville, Ohio

I just recently was dismissed from The Health Care of Hillview. While there I shared a room with Edith Steele, mother of Johnnie Steele and grandmother of Ryan Steele. I witnessed something I had never seen before. This young man Ryan – he came every day to feed his grandmother and sometime they would converse and tell each other “I love you” It would warm your heart they there are young folks who are truly full of love for the elderly.

Dottie Fleming

Portsmouth, Ohio

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