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CINCINNATI — Kyle Schwarber notched a triple and two RBIs as the US Futures Team defeated the World Futures Team 10-1 at Great America Ball Park Sunday afternoon.

Schwarber, a prospect in the Chicago Cubs organization and a native of Middletown, Ohio, was named the game’s MVP.

“It was awesome to get that award but it was kind of a team award today because we all played well and we all did a good job,” Schwarber said. “We got the victory, and it was cool to have family and friends out there.”

Coming back to his old stomping grounds, Schwarber took an opportunity to relish the moment before the game.

“As soon as I stepped on the field, I kind of took a look around,” Schwarber said. “I grew up watching ball games in this place. Then it was time to play the game, I took a deep breath and it was time to go … “

Reds’ single A prospect Amir Garrett picked up the victory for the US team, despite allowing the only run of the day. Aside from allowing the lone run, Garrett admitted he was just happy he made it to the mound.

“I was thinking to myself when I ran out from the bullpen, ‘do not pass out, please. Don’t pass out, just run. It’s OK,’” Garrett said. “It was a very good experience for me, I enjoyed it a lot. The fans made it a lot better.”

Cincinnati had two other prospects competing in the Futures game, Ramon Rodriguez who played for the World team and Kyle Waldrop who competed for US.

Rodriguez went 0-for-4 — just missing a home run on a deep fly ball to right-center field, which was caught by Waldrop who went 1-for-4 in his own right.

Waldrop admitted after the game that he certainly felt butterflies.

“I didn’t think I’d be as nervous but then I got out there and I was pretty nervous just looking around, definitely the biggest crowd I’ve ever played in front of … , ” Waldrop said. “At first, it’s wow you’re playing in the Futures game. Then it’s like wow, it’s in Cincinnati, which is the organization I’m with, so I was standing out in the outfield kind of looking around. It was just an unbelievable feeling.”

Playing in front of 43,661 fans, Waldrop couldn’t believe the passion coming from the Reds nation.

“This was unbelievable, I think they said around 40,000,” Waldrop said. “Just looking around and seeing all the Reds’ fans, it was pretty awesome.”

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