Village plans phase 3 sewer project

By Frank Lewis

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New Boston Village Council adopted a resolution Tuesday evening authorizing phase 3 of the village sewer project. New Boston Village Administrator Steve Hamilton said phase 3 is to be bid out in three alternate bids.

“It’s the 72-inch pipe that came up Rhodes Avenue. Right now it’s just dog-housed off and we’re going to turn it and go up Glenwood Avenue,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton said phase 3-A will be installing the 72-inch pipe from Rhodes Avenue to Gallia Street. Phase 3-B will take the pipe up to the front of the old Glenwood High School.

“That will catch all the stormwater from Glenwood that comes down out of the valleys and creeks and that will take a lot more stormwater our of our combined sewer,” Hamilton said. “It’s going to be a 72-inch to a 60-inch pipe and it will tie in up in front of the old high school on Glenwood Avenue.”

Hamilton said phase 3-C will consist of televising and cleaning of sewer lines.

“We have to have it bid out before the middle of October because that’s when they meet to see how much money it will cost the village,” Hamilton said. “We’re getting a sewer fee right now from the customers, but this will not raise it at all. This will not raise the sewer cost whatsoever because we saved so much money on the last two jobs. We had carryover money that we can put on phase 3.”

Hamilton said J & H Erectors and Fields Excavating did the job within the prescribed time and with a minimum of change orders.

“So the jobs came under and that’s why we had money left over that we can use toward this other phase,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton said the village is not considering building a sewage treatment facility as once discussed but the U.S. EPA expects the village to come up with a plan for the next 20 years which he believes will result in the agency removing a sanction placed against the village which led to the sewer project to begin with.

“We’ve cut our bypasses down to maybe once or twice this whole year in all this rain,” Hamilton said. “You’re only allowed four a year. Before we were bypassing anywhere from 20 to 40 times a year. So we’re doing our part to get our combined sewer separated getting the sanitary in the sanitary lines and the stormwater in the stormwater lines and the village has been fortunate that, with all the principle forgiveness money that Council and the mayor and everybody agreed to and the Corps money that they have approved, they have allowed me to get this sewer project done so we can get our sanction off of us through the U.S. EPA.”

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