ASC expansion on hold

By Wayne Allen

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Access Scioto County (ASC) announced Tuesday that their proposed Wheelersburg Dial-A-Ride service project has been put on hold until further notice.

ASC previously announced a July 1 start date and then delayed it until July 15. Now Larry Mullins, transit coordinator for Access Scioto County said the project has been put on hold while details of a lease agreement for office space are worked out.

“It’s with deep regret that we must announce that the start date for the expansion of service in Wheelersburg has been put on hold until further notice.” Mullins said. ““Hopefully attorneys for the county and the owner of the prospective property that Access Scioto County wishes to lease to operate its new Wheelersburg Dial-A-Ride will work out the details of the lease agreement soon so the project can move forward.”

He said the need for such a service in Wheelersburg was based on ASC rider trends.

Mullins said each ride would originate and terminate in the Wheelersburg area and prospective passengers would call a special number when they want a trip.

“In the past we have encountered problems when passengers are done with their doctor appointments and they are waiting to be picked by the next bus arriving in Wheelersburg, however the doctor’s office is closed for lunch. This has caused tension on more than several occasions with our passengers and the doctor’s offices. Sometimes passengers are forced to wait outside until their bus picks up,” Mullins said. “The new service will help elevate this problem by picking the passenger up and taking them to our Wheelersburg office to wait for their bus from Portsmouth.”

Mullins estimates the service would cost $25,000 annually, including office space, utilities, supplies and etc. He said ASC has sufficient revenue to support the expansion. He said he hops details of the lease can be worked out sooner than later.

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