Prayer walk at Mound Park set

By Portia Williams

[email protected]

Motivated by the stigma attached to the local area of drugs and poverty, Justin DeLong, the Missionary Coordinator for the Bountiful USA Mission Center in Community of Christ, decided to organize a community prayer walk at Mound Park on Saturday, July 11 at 11a.m.

“I wanted to extend the invitation to all area churches to attend, not just the four Community of Christ congregations in Scioto County. The purpose for the event is to bring a positive message to our community,” DeLong said. “I think our area is plagued by a negative image of drugs and poverty. I want to send a message of hope and love for a better life and future, no matter who you are, there is a community that will stand with you and encourage you.”

The prayer walk is an opportunity for people in the community to seek God’s guidance.

“The scriptures tell us that ‘Where two or more are gathered in my name, there I will be also.’ I think this will be an opportunity for not only churches but also for those who do not identify with a particular church to gather in prayer for our community and to ask for God’s guidance in our lives and how we can respond to his call,” he said.

Connections can be made, relationships formed, and heightened awareness of the problems within the community are possibilities by walking throughout the local neighborhood.

“Not only does this unite us spiritually but walking the neighborhood also allows us to be in the community and even meet folks to share something positive with them and may also make us aware of things we should try and fix to make our community a better and safer place,” he said.

The community prayer walk will be Saturday, July 11 at 11 a.m. at Mound Park.

“I have no idea who or how many will show up. Depending on how many show up, we will break into groups and walk to different blocks to offer prayers. We will then meet back at Mound Park at 12:30 to pray collectively,” he said. “I want this to be an interdenominational effort, to do something that will join us together as a community and send a positive message of hope and love.”

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