Boat trip to honor God and America


By Frank Lewis

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Chillicothe resident Major Young believes America is like a sinking ship that needs to be righted,

“Ever since 9-11 I saw these signs in the yards – ‘God Bless America.’ They were going up everywhere and that’s a wonderful request of God,” Young said. “but the thing of it is, God has been blessing this country ever since it’s inception and here we are kicking him out, and back then (911) ‘bless God’ was impressed on my heart and here we are today in even worse trouble than 911. We’re going the wrong direction. So God has got me doing this.”

What he and Steve Bridenbaugh are doing to call attention to what he perceives as this nation’s spiritual plight is taking their 24-foot-long motorized pontoon boat down the Ohio River from Portsmouth to Cairo, Illinois with their stated goal being to help people realize that God is the answer for America and their own personal lives. Their theme is “America Bless God.”

Their boat will be leaving Portsmouth, Ohio at the ramp at Shawnee State Park at 10 a.m. on the Fourth of July, and going to the mouth of the Mississippi River.

“The purpose of my trip is, I’m concerned for America. I love my country and we’re going the wrong way,” Young said. “Basically the whole thing is that we’re kicking God out of our country and as we do that we’re losing how we were founded. We’re hurting our country by doing that. That is my main focus and the other is that we, as people, also need to get back to God.”

Their plan is to also dock at 14 river towns and cities, where they will take their message into those communities.

“We have bicycles on the boat and I go up into the town and get groceries, food and gas and whatever,” Young said. “I’ll park the thing and walk around and talk with people face to face and pass out the handbill that they can take home with them explaining the purpose of what we’re doing.”

Among the things on the handbills is his belief that the country “is in trouble, as a nation we are turning our back on God.” It goes on to say, “We are no longer a Christian nation. We are removing God from many aspects of society including schools and government buildings. Christianity is under attack as ungodliness, immorality and political correctness have become the norm. The news media and even our government label Christians as haters for simply living by Gods’ word.”

Young is not an experienced sailor.

“This takes me out of my comfort zone,” Young said. “I have sung gospel music ever since I was 19 years old when I got saved and became a Christian. This is something new to me.”

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