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By Frank Lewis

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Dennis Carr, Fluor B&W PORTS manager of the D&D project at Piketon says his company is looking for employees.

Carr told the Daily Times he is seeking workers for at least three types of jobs dealing with the miles of piping in the facility currently.

“There is three significant needs on the site right now that we are actively seeking,” Carr said. “One is NDA technicians. Those are technicians who go out into the field and do non-destructive analysis, basically reading the energies from the radioactive materials that may or may not be in the piping systems. So it’s a field job which requires some basic math skills, typically a high school diploma with some years of experience.”

A second position being sought by Fluor is for NDA specialists who take the data from the technicians and put it into a suitable format to demonstrate that it meets the company’s standards, which helps make the decision as to whether to cut out the piece of pipe or leave it. He said an additional amount of math skills is required and the company typically looks for someone with a bachelor’s degree. Carr said a lot of years of experience is not necessary because the people who are put in that position will be trained.

“The third area is what we call work planners,” Carr said. “When you work in a nuclear facility you work through a very disciplined process of planning out your work down to the very detail level before gaining the approvals and then go execute against the plan. The work planner is the individual that brings the groups together and plans out the work in a work package. The types of individuals that would typically be there would be people with a history in maintenance, crafts, someone with a high school diploma and, obviously in all positions has to be able to get a clearance from the federal government; therefore a relatively clean background and last we would like to see some experience in some type of craft or maintenance so they can go ahead and plan projects – anything from structural changes to air conditioning – anything and everything that comes with an industrial facility.”

Carr said, while those are the three main areas in which employees are being sought, other positions are always posted on the Fluor website, fbportsmouth.com. Positions open as employees retire. He said the current median age of the worker on the site is 55.

“Insolve and other companies that do support the site overall are actively looking too,” Carr said. “Insolve is probably one of the primary sources.”

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