City plans 2015 paving


By Frank Lewis

[email protected]

The contractor is getting ready to begin the process of the paving of streets in the city of Portsmouth.

“The bids were opened on June 3 and we are waiting for The Shelly Company to fill out the contracts and send them back to us,” City Engineer Crystal Weghorst said. “We hope to have the paving finished before the end of July.”

Weghorst said once the contracts are back and in order, which she hopes will be next week, the work will most likely begin the first or second week in July. She said in the next week or so she will have a schedule of paving jobs, where they will take place and when that work will be done.

“I can’t have a good timeline now,” Weghorst said. “I haven’t had our pre-construction meeting or anything with them yet but the bids are in, it’s awarded and we’re just waiting to get everything signed and start.”

Weghorst said she is building on the area near Southern Ohio Medical Center where the sewer line work was recently completed.

“As a part of that project and funding we were able to do some of those roads,” Weghorst said. “So the roads we couldn’t get to in that area, actually I put on my paving list for this year. Those folks have been through it there, going through that mess and detoured and rerouted, working being done in front of their house and dusting them out, so we’re going to make it real nice for them up in that area.”

She said the city is doing a few more areas as well and will identify the areas as soon as the contracts are back into her office.

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