The latest hairstyle trends


Each new season has a way of inspiring people to change their appearances. While a new wardrobe may be the first thing people think of when refreshing their look, changing a hairstyle also can have a transformative effect. When reinventing oneself, these hairstyle trends can provide dramatic transformations for men or women.


Blunt bob: A blunt bob is timeless, versatile and easy to maintain. Hairstylists can work with clients if they desire sharp angles in the bob or a more textured take on the style by softening the ends. Chances are the blunt bob will be around for many seasons to come.

Bombré: L’Oreal Paris says that the ombré bob, dubbed the “bombré,” is a hot look this year. It lets individuals play with a classic cut but add dimension through color. Bombré looks can feature classic hair hues or something more dramatic with pastels.

Undercut: This edgy style inspires boldness. The cut has shaved sides and longer hair on top, or a clever pattern shaved underneath the hair. Wearing hair up or down will adjust the look as needed.

Beachy waves/natural texture: Women can put away their straightening irons or hair dryers for a little while and embrace the natural wave of their hair. Natural texture is easy, looks beautiful and is ideal for the lazy, hazy days of summer.

Deep brunette: Blondes aren’t necessarily the only ones having fun. Dark, dimensional, chocolate-colored locks have been dominating social media feeds for some time and they’re not going anywhere.

Wolf cut: The wolf cut was popularized last year and its draw shows no sign of waning. The wolf cut is a soft and shaggy cut. It’s a great cut for men and women.


Comb-over style: Don’t mistake the comb-over as exclusive to gentlemen trying to camouflage hair loss. This style can be worn by anyone. It involves combing the hair over to one side, and is even more stylized by shaving a deep part onto the one side.

Modern pompadour: This look sees longer hair on the top and shorter on the sides. This is not a style for someone seeking a wash-and-go look. Men will need to style the cut daily for it to look its best, which involves texturing products and possibly a blow-out for volume.

Undercut with fringe: Undercut styles are trendy for men as well as women. Men can buzz cut underneath, leaving the longer hair on top to flow. This style is best for thick hair, according to Men Stylists.

Two-block hairstyle: This style originated in Korea and is popular with K-pop culture. It features a trimmed or shaved back and sides of the head with the top longer. It’s an update on the undercut, featuring a more dramatic contrast between the lower block of the cut and the upper block of the head.

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