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Bryan Rolfe (front center with gray shirt) signed to play basketball at Shawnee State University Tuesday.

Bryan Rolfe (front center with gray shirt) signed to play basketball at Shawnee State University Tuesday.

LUCASVILLE — Bryan Rolfe signed on to play basketball at Shawnee State University Tuesday afternoon. Rolfe was a star not only on the court, but on the football and baseball fields as well.

“I was looking at a few different colleges, actually,” said Bryan. “Both Ashland and Findley University wanted me to come play football. But, about halfway through the basketball season, I knew that’s what I wanted to do. Shawnee State gave me an opportunity to do just that.”

Shawnee State is just minutes away from Lucasville, and now everyone in the area can continue to watch Rolfe develop his game. That was a big bonus to him and his family.

“My parents at first wanted me to get the whole college experience,” said Bryan. “But we talked and they are happy for me and my choice. Now they can come watch my games, as can my grandparents.”

“It’s an exciting part of all this,” said Scott Rolfe, Bryan’s father and longtime coach. “A lot of people are going to be able to follow him while he plays. It will be a good time for the Lucasville community, both the past players and the younger kids to watch him and see his success.”

Scott has coached Bryan these last four years of high school as the Valley Indians have won SOC titles and made deep runs into the postseason tournament. They have an obvious bond between them, on and off the court. Now, in a different role, Scott can do nothing but watch as Shawnee’s coach Hamilton will now by the play caller on the sideline.

“That could be one of the toughest parts,” laughed Scott. “It’s parent time now, not coach time. He’s in someone else’s hands and hopefully I’ve taught him the right work ethic and how to have a positive attitude. That’s all I can wish for is that what I’ve taught him will pay off, it’s his road to create now.

“It’s just something that every parent dreams about. It’s something that we have worked on since he was a four year old kid going to basketball practice with me. I’m so happy for him.”

Bryan hopes to be able to make an immediate impact for the Bears. He hopes his combination of size, speed, and ability to cut to the basket will translate well at the collegiate level.

“I think I have a real shot at playing point guard. I want to start, anyone who tells you that they don’t want to start is lying. But, I’m going to work my hardest for playing time. I’m going to give as much effort as I can to earn the minutes. If a starting position is open for me, great, but playing is what’s most important.

“At 6’3’’ my size will give me an advantage over most guards. That, and my ability to handle the ball will be key.”

His father agrees with him that size is a key in his game. He also sees more important aspects Bryan can bring to the team.

“Defensively he can guard the one through three spots. He can already pass and penetrate, I think if he keeps developing his shot and his body he could go very far.”

As one of the most decorated athletes in Valley history, Bryan hopes to leave behind a legacy for younger kids coming up on the court and in other sports as well.

“I just want other kids to know that nothing comes easy. It really does take hard work every single day. The player you become is not just made in games or in practice, it’s made in the weight room and in conditioning, too.”

Finally, Bryan understands all the hard work that his father and mother have contributed to his success. He would like to thank them, and probably not for the last time as he ends his high school career and beings a new journey at Shawnee.

“I want to give a huge shout out to my parents for everything they’ve done,” said Bryan. “They’ve always been there for me, they’ve helped me through everything and given me everything they could so that I could be where I am today. I truly cannot thank them enough.”

Bryan Rolfe (front center with gray shirt) signed to play basketball at Shawnee State University Tuesday. Rolfe (front center with gray shirt) signed to play basketball at Shawnee State University Tuesday.

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PDT Sports Contributor

Reach Derrick Parker at or on twitter @DC__Parker

Reach Derrick Parker at or on twitter @DC__Parker