Sheriff’s Office warns of phone scams

By Frank Lewis

[email protected]

Scioto County Sheriff’s Captain David Hall is again warning area residents not to respond to phone scams.

“It’s going on again where residents are receiving calls from foreign sounding individuals claiming to be the IRS,” Hall said. “They are also claiming to have the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office arrest you if you don’t comply with them.”

Hall said those are not calls represemtimg the sheriff”s office and no one is going to arrest them. When you get such a call, you should know it is a scam.

He said residents of Scioto County are being threatened with arrest if they do not pay money to the caller. The caller is demanding money for “past taxes” claiming they work for the IRS in a foreign sounding voice. They also mention that the residents will have their driver’s license taken if they do not pay the money.

Hall said Fake numbers indicating they are calling from a local area are showing up on the caller ID’s of the residents of Scioto County.

“Please keep in mind that law enforcement, the IRS and other governmental agencies will not call you demanding money,” Hall said. “Please call the IRS if you need to verify any information about your taxes. Do not give out any personal information to these callers as they have been calling elderly people. If you have a elderly person in your family please share this information with them.”

Hall said people need to know law enforcement will not call you to tell you that they have a warrant for your arrest and to settle it you can pay the money over the phone. He said such calls are a scam.

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