Scioto Foundation awards $400k in scholarships

By: Ciara Conley

Over 250 students were honored for their academic achievements on June 22 at the 17th Annual Scioto Foundation academic luncheon.

The luncheon honored students, donors, and parents, as they presented small gifts to the students in attendance. For the academic year, the Scioto Foundation awarded almost $400,000 to students all over the region.

“Congratulations to all the students and congratulations to all the parents. You’ve got a lot of proud moments in life and this should be one more that you put into the memory bank, looking at your children you have achieved success and will continue to achieve success,” said Joshua Howard one of the Scioto Foundation’s Board of Directors as he addressed attendees. “Every year I stand up here and I can’t help but say to the recipients, remember where the money came from. Dr. Burke went through the list of scholarships that were created by the various individuals, many of those names will be familiar for various parts of our county. Remember those individuals who donated their money, it wasn’t someone else’s money, it was government money, it wasn’t something that fell out of the sky. It’s something that they earned, something that someone worked for and they care enough to make a donation and now you’re the beneficiary of that.”

The Scioto Foundation has been assisting students to achieve their educational goals through scholarship opportunities since 1981. The luncheon has been ongoing for 15 of those years. The luncheon first happened by chance, when the organization was hosting a celebration of an anniversary with donors. The group invited some of their scholarship recipients and Executive Director Kim Cutlip said that everything just clicked with its success and the connections forged between the donors and students.

Students that received awards had nothing but good things to say about the role the Scioto Foundation has playes in their scholastic endeavors.

2017 Valley High school graduate, Abigail Wright said, “I feel incredibly honored and blessed to have been awarded two scholarships through the Scioto Foundation. The generous scholarship donors, Ralph and Louise Arrick and Valley Legacy, are a perfect reflection of the positive impact our community is striving to promote. In the fall, I will be attending Marshall University where I will study Elementary and Special Education. It is my desire to give back to this community when I return as an educator in one of our local schools. The scholarships provided through the Scioto Foundation will help me achieve this goal.”

Scholarships are not only available to high school seniors, but college students as well.

College student Lynnsey Williams said, “I am very thankful and fortunate for the opportunity that the Scioto Foundation and their donors give to me and to every student who has received scholarships or grants. Without their generosity, going to college would not be possible for me or for many students. Education is the most important thing in my life and I am forever grateful for the ways they have enhanced and enriched me through providing the opportunity to go to school.” Williams received the Rose and Augusta Jacobs Scholarship and the Hollenbeck Family Scholarship.

“It’s hard to put into words how much these scholarships mean to me. I love that Scioto Foundation gives back to the community and pushes students to achieve great things,” said Hayley Kline. “I’m financially independent and I have to work to pay for bills and such and to pay my way through college. The Scioto Foundation has helped me more than enough and I can’t wait to give back and help more students like me.

Kline is a student at Shawnee State University and is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Management with a minor in Healthcare Administration. She will be graduating in December.
For more information about the Scioto Foundation, please visit or by calling 740-354-1912. You can also stop in during office hours Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 303 Chillicothe Street in Portsmouth.