Crabtree talks courthouse security

By Wayne Allen - [email protected]

In an exclusive conversation with the Daily Times, Chairman of the Scioto County Commissioners Mike Crabtree said there’s been ongoing conversations with officeholders inside the Scioto County Courthouse about implementing security in the building.

Crabtree said implementing such measures could lead to changes in the way people access the building.

Crabtree said at the request of the commissioners, Scioto County Sheriff Marty Donini is looking into how a system could be implemented in the courthouse.

“We’ve (commissioners) had a discussion with some of the judges and we’re looking at how we could fund that and have some kind of security system coming through the courthouse,” Crabtree said.

He said implementing such a system might mean closing the seventh street entrance and requiring anyone needing access to the building to use the sixth street entrance.

Crabtree said there is an entrance from the employee parking lot that will have to be addressed if security is implemented. He said there are maintenance workers within the courthouse that block that entrance open, for one reason or another and that would need to be addressed as well.

“If we go to courthouse security, we’re going to have to do somethings a little different than what we’ve been doing,” Crabtree said.

When asked about cost, Crabtree said, “it’s not going to be cheap. You will have to have at least two people there at all times, because someone will have to go to lunch or the bathroom or something. We will have to look at how we’re going to fund that.”

Crabtree said based on discussions with the judges within the courthouse, they are willing to put some funding behind the effort. He believes some of the other elected officers within the courthouse might be willing to contribute funding in addition to the commissioners providing some of the funding.

As security staff, Crabtree said Donini is also looking into the possibility of making some of his part-time deputies full-time employees of the commissioners staffed at the courthouse.

“We wanted to go through (Scioto County Sheriff) Marty (Donini) to see who he would recommend and if he wanted to be the one to staff that. We would put the money in his budget so that he could handle it,” Crabtree said. “We’re looking at best ways to fund that and how to get it done.”

There was no clear timeline given as to when a system would be implemented.

Scioto County Commissioner Cathy Coleman and Bryan Davis could not be reached for comment.

By Wayne Allen

[email protected]

Wayne Allen can be reached at 740-353-3101 ext. 1933 or @WayneAllenPDT on Twitter

Wayne Allen can be reached at 740-353-3101 ext. 1933 or @WayneAllenPDT on Twitter