Donini: Buckeye Sheriff’s Association letters are real

Staff Report

On Friday, Scioto County Sheriff Marty Donini stated his office had received several inquiries concerning letters being received by U.S. mail throughout the community from the Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association.

The letters concern the request for monetary contributions granting contributors “Associate Memberships.”

In a written release, Donini said he would like to inform the community this particular letter is a legitimate, pre-authorized invitation being sent to various residents of the community to become an “Associate Member” of the state sheriff’s association.

The sheriff added this is the only organization endorsed by his office to solicit from residents in Scioto County and the contributions made by the residents of Scioto County through this solicitation do in fact benefit the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office and its deputies by providing educational, informational and training programs promoting better law enforcement for the community.

Donini would like to encourage the recipients of these letters to feel free to accept the invitation or simply disregard it. For those who have received this letter and are opposed to having your names on the solicitation list, Donini encourages those persons to contact the sheriff’s office and arrangements will be made to remove your name from any future mailings.

Donini also wanted to take the opportunity to thank all residents of Scioto County who have provided assistance in the past and encourage anyone to call his office in the event they may have questions concerning this membership drive.

Staff Report