Baldrige vists Commissioners

By Ivy Potter - [email protected]



The Scioto County Commissioners met for their regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, with three guests present to address the board.

Newly elected 90th District State Representative Brian Baldridge came forward to introduce his associate Bill White. “It’s great to be down today. I just wanted to come down today and introduce Bill White, he’s going to be working in the Columbus Office. He’s the first line of defense. Bill’s here with me today and as those phone calls come in with concerns and so forth, being up there in Columbus we wanted to come down and put that name with a face. As always we’re always accessible, we’re excited, we’re into the session, we’re moving forward for this year. The outline of the priorities, categorize things, as we move forward in this this general assembly, whether it be family, jobs and the economy, and community. Under those priority lists you look at things whether it be childhood development and all those issues going on with family, moving into jobs and economy. We know that the training workforce here in southern Ohio is huge, that’s a big priority, and obviously the drug crisis,” said Baldridge. “Boots are wet, we’re digging in up there, but we wanted to come down and make this introduction here with Bill in our office and always be accessible whatever you need, whatever the folks of Scioto County need we’re ready to get to work on these issues.”

A representative from Treasurer Robert Sprague’s Office, his Southern Public Relations Liaison, informed commissioners that she would be back with more information after Sprague had more time to settle into his position, and that both parties were excited about things going on in Columbus.

In regular matters of business, commissioners approved the minutes of Feb. 5, approved requests for appropriation of funds and fund transfers, and received a Tiger Grant Invoice 5 from Access Scioto County.


By Ivy Potter

[email protected]