Break-in at brew Pub tops Portsmouth police reports

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Portsmouth Police

Police responded Sunday to a report of a break in at the Portsmouth Brewing Company, 224 Second St. The restaurant’s assistant manager told police the incident happened sometime overnight and the suspect or suspects entered the business via the patio door on the west side of the building. The persons broke into the office and stole several bottles of liquor valued at a total of approximately $484.

Security camera video allegedly showed two white males forced their way into the business’s office and attempted to open the safe located there. Police said both men wore hoods and kept their faces turned away from the camera. When they were unable to open the safe, they took bags out of a backpack and began loading them with liquor bottles.

One of the suspects was later allegedly identified by a brewpub employee as a former employee of the business and also the Scioto Ribber. The employee stated the former employee would have been familiar with the office, which was how the suspects knew to avoid the cameras located there.

That information eventually led to the arrest of Joseph Michael Morris of Portsmouth, age not given in police reports. Police took him into custody early Sunday evening at an apartment on Robinson Avenue. Reports allege at the time of his arrest he was carrying a bag with seven bottles of various liquors. He was also allegedly in possession of suspected methamphetamines and suspected marijuana along with two hypodermic needles. He eventually was booked into the Scioto County jail.

Public reports do not contain any additional information about the second suspect.

In other police news:

– A person or persons unknown broke into a home which had been foreclosed on in the 4200 block of Sterling Avenue in Sciotoville. Police reports say interior walls, ceiling tiles and flooring inside the home all were vandalized. Numerous items also were reported stolen from the house. Reports did not contain a list of the stolen items but placed a total value on the thefts and vandalism at $4,365. The incidents took place over a long period of time between March 2017 and Tuesday when the problem was reported to law enforcement officials.

–On January 11 at approximately 7:30 p.m., police responded to a report of an overdose at a residence in the 1200 block of 14th Street. Upon arrival, officers stated they observed a male, passed out and barely breathing. Portsmouth Fire Department officials arrived on the scene and administered the victim Narcan. Reports said the victim regained consciousness and refused further medical treatment.

–Police intervened in another potential overdose Monday at a residence in the 1500 block of High Street. A female victim was found lying on a bed in the residence awake but not breathing. Officials administered Narcan nasally to the victim, who also declined further medical treatment.

New Boston Police

On Wednesday, a New Boston resident at 912 Harrisonville reported her 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass, white in color, stolen from the residence at around 8:30 p.m.

The victim told police she believed she could have dropped her car keys near the vehicle upon her return to the home without her knowledge. Later in the morning, Officer Ethan Carmichael was on patrol in the village and observed a vehicle matching the description of the stolen car parked behind the Gamestop Store within the 4500 block of Gallia Street.

Upon further investigation Officer Carmichael found two persons in the vehicle. After questioning the two persons identified as Darrell Francis, 35, of Lorain, and Tiffany Moore, 28, of Portsmouth. Carmichael determined the vehicle was the reported stolen car and both suspects were arrested at the scene without incident.

According to police, Carmichael believes the suspects had taken off the original vehicle license plate and put on another license plate belonging to a different vehicle. Police say the allegedly stolen vehicle was returned to the victim and both suspects were transported to NBPD for processing and later transferred to the Scioto County Jail for a court appearance on Thursday.

Both suspects have been charged with receiving stolen property (motor vehicle) a felony in the fourth degree. Both suspects may have additional charges against them regarding the other license plate they allegedly put on the stolen vehicle once the case is presented to the grand jury.

In other news provided by village police:

– On Sunday, it was reported someone had stolen a stop sign from the intersection within the alley behind the Children Services Building. NBPD was able to obtain surveillance footage from a building in that area and a male suspect was seen taking down the sign with a ratchet in hand.

Upon further investigation into the incident, on Tuesday NBPD arrested suspect Willie Wagner at his apartment in the Cliffside Housing Building at 3983 Gallia St. Wagner was charged with theft, a misdemeanor in the first degree. Police claim the stop sign was retrieved from within the apartment. Wagner was scheduled to appear in Portsmouth Municipal Court on Friday. The results of that hearing were not immediately available.

– Recently within the last week and last weekend, NBPD has received several calls from local residents about their vehicle being entered into overnight and ransacked. In some cases, items were taken from the vehicles and in others the owners did not see anything missing. It appeared all vehicles could have been left unlocked.

NBPD encourages residents to always secure their vehicles by locking the doors and removing anything of value from sight. Never leave items like purses or wallets in plain view in a vehicle even if there is nothing in the items because a criminal has no way of knowing nothing of real value was left behind and the criminal may enter the vehicle by any means to steal those items.

In one incident of a vehicle being entered on Spruce Street, NBPD was able to obtain surveillance footage from a home and it shows a female out walking at around 4:00 a.m., and she enters a parked vehicle. NBPD encourage residents if they see any suspicious person or hear any noises around their homes to call 911 to report the suspicious activity so NBPD Officers can respond to the area to check out suspicious activity.

Staff Report