Female employee startled by allegedly nude homeless man wandering around factory

Staff Report

A man, 31, listed by Portsmouth police as homeless was arrested Saturday morning after he was allegedly caught wandering around the Sole Choice shoelace factory, 820 Murray St, with no clothes on.

A female employee told police she was working on the building’s second floor when the suspect, Brandon Barrett, simply walked into her work area allegedly wearing absolutely nothing. The woman told police she screamed, and Barrett made motions with his hands apparently in an attempt to quiet her. The employee told police the suspect never spoke or threatened her, but she didn’t know what he was doing in the building and was afraid of what he might have in mind. She ran and told other employees about spotting the man and police were notified about 8:15 a.m.

According to police reports, officers on the scene began a search of the large building starting on its upper floors. One of the officers was on the sixth floor when Barrett approached him, still naked. The officer ordered Barrett to the ground and he was placed in handcuffs without incident.

Again, according to reports, Barrett told police several times he did not break into the factory but entered through an unlocked door. He told officers he had “lost his pants.” Employees had gathered the clothing he had allegedly left behind, placing it in a trash bag for police.

Reports specifically note officers made Barrett put pants on before taking him from the scene.

Police officials stated while Barrett was being fingerprinted at the police department, he made the comment he thought it was insulting the employee yelled when she saw him. He also confirmed the women’s story by stating he tried to calm her with hand motions.

Barrett was charged with trespassing and public indecency. He was transported to the Scioto County Jail.

Staff Report