Minford High School placed in lockdown after alleged threat

By Tom Corrigan - tcorrigan@aimmediamidwest .com

The Minford Local School District was placed in what officials termed a “soft lockdown” beginning at approximately 9:45 a.m. Tuesday, according to the district’s Facebook page.

The lockdown lasted less than an hour, according to school Superintendent Jeremy Litteral.

He added a “soft lockdown” means students and staff can go about their business inside district buildings but no one can leave or enter. Litteral said the lockdown was initiated out of an abundance of caution after one high school student allegedly made a threat against another high school student. He added high school officials as well as the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office were involved in investigating the supposed threat.

The superintendent explained the sheriff’s office was contacted by the high school resource officer. School officials called off the lockdown after the sheriff’s office determined the threat was not credible, according to Litteral. He stressed as of early Monday afternoon, the sheriff’s office had made no arrests and no students had been subject to discipline. Litteral added Minford High School officials were continuing their investigation into the incident. He declined to say what the alleged threat involved, contending officials were still sifting through the details.

This is the second time recently Minford Schools have made the news for the wrong reasons. In late October, parents and community members protested at least twice along a school bus route leading from Minford Middle School.

Parents and others were upset about an incident which allegedly took place at a Tim Horton’s Leadership Camp in Kentucky. Litteral previously told the Daily Times law enforcement in both Ohio and Kentucky have or are looking into any allegations of misconduct at the camp. On Tuesday, he stated to the best of his knowledge, Kentucky State Police have not released their final report.

Kentucky officials did not respond to a request for comment.

Last month, Scioto County Sheriff’s Office Capt. John W. Murphy told the Times the bulk of the investigation is being handled by Kentucky authorities as the alleged incidents took place in that state. Murphy said at the request of Kentucky officials his office completed an initial incident report and interviewed alleged victims. Stating the case was ongoing, Murphy declined to release any further details.

Even as Kentucky police presumably continued their investigation, in October Litteral said district officials had disciplined an unreleased number of seventh graders for their part in whatever inappropriate and/or potentially criminal activity allegedly took place at the camp. The district released a letter to parents basically explaining certain students had been disciplined for unspecified actions and inviting parents who feel they or their children need help in dealing with the situation to contact the district.

Tim Hortons’ corporate offices stated all media requests had to go through email. The company did not respond to an email sent by the Daily Times.

On Tuesday, Litteral emphasized the lockdown was completely unrelated to any incident at the camp in Kentucky. He added to the best of his knowledge, there have been no further protests outside any district schools.

By Tom Corrigan

tcorrigan@aimmediamidwest .com