Held at gunpoint by resident, Christmas burglar gets 16 years



The man charged with being a real-life Grinch as he burglarized several homes in Portsmouth and Scioto County around Christmas time last year was sentenced Friday to 16 years in prison said Scioto County Prosecutor Shane Tieman.

David Jamison pleaded guilty to an unreleased number of charges in connection with the thefts and was sentenced by Visiting Judge Leonard Holzapfel.

The crimes took place in December 2017 and January of this year.

According to Tieman, around Christmas-time last year, several citizens in the northwest area of the county were victims of residential burglaries. Tieman offered no details but said officials ultimately determined Jamison to be the culprit.

Further, on Jan. 21, Tieman said Jamison stole a car and crashed it into some vehicles in a Portsmouth neighborhood. From there, he broke into a garage and two additional residences. The Portsmouth Police Department ultimately apprehended him thanks to a resident who held Jamison at gunpoint until officers arrived.

The Scioto County Grand Jury returned multiple indictments because of these incidents. Tieman released no further information regarding Jamison and he could not be reached for comment in time for deadline for this issue.

“I want to thank the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office and the Portsmouth Police Department for their work on this case. I want to acknowledge and thank the various witnesses and victims in this matter who cooperated with law enforcement. I also applaud the exemplary efforts of one of our burglary victims who detained the suspect until police arrived,” Tieman said in a press release.