Column: Matt’s Take

By Matthew McAdow - Contributing Columnist

He is Alive!

While this season is a “scratch” as far as our record goes and we might even have the worst record in the history of our franchise by the end of this season, there are certainly many positives coming out of the 2022 year.

Watching July Reds baseball, all Reds fans can finally feel good about Nick Senzel, as he has come alive before the halfway point of the season.

I think of the Frankenstein quote and the people yelling “It’s Alive” every time he comes to the plate.

The second overall selection in the 2016 draft has finally had health on his side and is beginning to produce for this ball club.

In the last 10 games, Nick is batting .438 and is 14-32.

Brandon Drury has continued his career year as well and is becoming one of the best “pick-ups” I can remember in a very long time.

To put his year into perspective, Brandon has 17 home runs and 45 RBI’s.

This is better than Nick Castellanos, Eugenio Suarez, and Jesse Winker halfway through the season.

Sabo Joins Matt’s Take

This week, Annie Sabo was kind enough to join Matt’s Take for a Q:A.

Annie Sabo is a broadcaster for the Cincinnati Reds on Bally Sports, has previously been an anchor for the Big Ten Network, and has covered games for the Minnesota Twins and Minnesota Timberwolves.

She is very talented and all of Reds country enjoys the work she puts in each game.

Annie is the daughter of former Reds 3rd baseman, 3 X All-Star, NL Rookie of the Year, Cincinnati Hall of Famer, and 1990 World Series Champion Chris Sabo.

What has been your favorite moment broadcasting so far for the Reds?

“My favorite moment was working the Reds home opener this season. It was awesome to see fans gathering outside the stadium to celebrate Reds baseball. Because COVID wreaked havoc on the last two seasons, it was such a joy to see people gathering for the return of Reds baseball.”

What is one area of improvement you hope to see within the Reds organization as the trade deadline approaches?

“Cincinnati’s starting pitching rotation needs to be more consistent. It’s been neat to watch rookies like Hunter Greene and Graham Ashcraft take the mound. I think both of those young men have a bright future. However, I’d like to see the Reds get a reliable arm. Mahle has had an up and down season so far. Castillo has not found a rhythm yet. Both are capable of greatness, but it’s been a tough year for the starters overall.”

Growing up, what is your favorite memory with your father and baseball?

“My favorite memory with my dad and baseball is when he was inducted into the Reds Hall of Fame. I was born in ‘92, so I don’t remember much of my dad’s playing career. Getting a chance to be part of that weekend with my family was special. Here’s something most people don’t know. We would go see Marge Scott when she was with the Reds. My parents would take me to her office with her giant dogs, she would always give me something. I remember one time vividly I walked into her office, petted the dogs, and she gave me a Barbie. I thought it was the greatest day ever!”

Do you have family game nights? With your entire family being highly athletic, how competitive do those get?

“We love a good family tournament. Every Christmas or major holiday when we’re all together, we do a round robin ping pong tournament that gets pretty competitive. We grew up golfing on Sundays in Cincinnati, my Dad would offer $20 to whoever had the lowest score after 5-6 holes. My two sisters and I would battle for that $20 let me tell you. My sister, Brooke, always won and was I a little upset in the car ride home…maybe.”

If you had to create a lineup of all past or present Reds baseball players, what would your starting lineup look like?

“That’s a hard question for me to answer because there have been so many great Reds. I’d most likely revert to my Dad’s ‘90 team. I think both Barry Larkin and Eric Davis were incredible to watch. My Dad has said countless times, Davis was the greatest athlete he’s ever seen. My Dad at 3rd would be a lock. Jay Bruce and Joey Votto have been memorable Reds for me as well.”

By Matthew McAdow

Contributing Columnist