Column: Matt’s Take

By Matthew McAdow - Contributing Columnist

Series Stolen

After a horrific losing streak, the Reds managed to steal a series from the San Francisco Giants to improve their record to 25-47. Cincinnati heads to Chicago for a division battle against the Cubs beginning June 28th, as the Reds hope to pull out a sweep and move from last place in the NL Central. Cincinnati 3rd basemen Brandon Drury hopes to continue his likely All-Star campaign in Chicago, as he is currently batting .272 and holds the team lead in homeruns with 15. With this season being such a let-down, fans still need to appreciate the turn-around that Drury has made this season, as well as other efforts from players like Kyle Farmer and Albert Almora Jr.

Expect the…Expected?

Anyone who has watched the best reality television series of all time (CBS Big Brother), knows Julie Chen Moonves’ famous line of “Expect the Unexpected.” Well, in the case of the Reds, fans can simply expect the “expected” as we all know some familiar faces in the organization are soon to depart before the trade deadline. If I had to take a guess at players who are most likely to be dealt, I would certainly go with Luis Castillo, Tyler Mahle, Brandon Drury, and Kyle Farmer. Castillo trade rumors with the Yankees are lingering, just as they have in the past, as well as rumors involving other fan favorites. While it always hurts to see players you watch each day leave the organization, it is expected this season, as we certainly are not buyers. I truly hope we take this opportunity to unload players for much needed bullpen arms. We cannot waste another season with the same bullpen we currently have and hope to be competitive during the next few years. The trade deadline is August 2nd, which is right around the corner, so hold on tight, as this is going to be a rollercoaster of emotions.

15 and a Half

The term 15 and a half usually brings joy to Ohioans, as that is the age requirement to obtain a driving permit. In terms of games back in the division during the month of June, -15.5 is not something that brings joy. While we can continue to dwell on losing Winker, Geno, Gray, Castellanos, Miley, and Lorenzen, we must try to look in the future on how this front office is going to put together a winning season again. Time and time again, bullpen mishaps are causing meltdowns and late game losses. Between 2018 and 2022, I would love to see the statistics of runs given up after the 7th inning compared to other teams in the division. In order to get back to a winning atmosphere, this team has to build around their young core and cross their fingers for a way healthier year than 2022 has displayed so far. Getting some veteran arms for the bullpen is a must and we have to find a way to “win” the trade deadline. This team simply cannot afford to fumble another transaction. MIL : 42-33, STL: 42-34, PIT: 29-44, CHC: 28-45, CIN: 25-47


As All-Star voting is still going on, as of June 21st, MLB provided an update to all MLB fans. Cincinnati currently has 3 players in the top 7 of their position. Tyler Stephenson is in 4th among catchers, Brandon Drury is in 6th among third basemen, and Joey Votto is in 7th among first basemen. Each team will have one player represented in the All-Star game and I truly believe Stephenson and Drury are more than deserving. Despite being injured multiple times, Stephenson has shown everyone that he is the best batting catcher in all of baseball. Without some rides on the injured list, I truly believe he would be a

“shew-in” this year. I have to admit, despite some poor numbers so far, seeing future hall of famer Joey Votto in the All-Star game for possibly one last ride, would be an overload of nostalgia that I would thoroughly enjoy come July 19th.

By Matthew McAdow

Contributing Columnist