Waverly’s Curtis signs with SSU ESports

WAVERLY — Fresh off a NACE National Championship in Hearthstone, along with several significant milestones that have been surpassed in additional forms of gaming, the Shawnee State ESports program added a key piece to its 2021 roster in the form of Waverly native Tyler Curtis.

The Waverly High School graduate will play Smash Bros. for the unit for the 2021-22 season on forward.

“Before I decided to go to Shawnee State, I did some homework on the program and what it had accomplished,” Curtis said of the SSU ESports squad. “I was really surprised to learn about how successful they really were. It’s very impressive and I’m glad to join a great program.”

For Curtis, the opportunity to play for Travis Lynn — as well as his future teammates that he already knows from past freelance ESports gaming tournaments — is one that he was too stoked to pass up on.

“Travis is great,” Curtis said. “I talked to him a little bit for him for a while about the program. He’s great. Super supportive. He is always fair and very understanding. Super great guy. I love working with him. I enjoy a lot of the people there already. To be on a team with them all is incredible. I’m super stoked to sit and actually grind on the game with them. I’m happy that I’m with them.”

In his free time, Curtis is a fan of voice acting and art, spending much of his time reading character analysis for shows that he watches.

He also draws freehand, in particular Warner Brothers cartoons from the 1990s.

“It’s more of a way for me to just unwind,” Curtis said of both activities. “With storytelling, it’s more about me learning how that character comes to life and is presented. It’s fascinating to me, really. I just dabble in drawing. It’s not really going to be something that’s a future career for me.”

As for his future in ESports, the opportunity to play Smash Bros at a competitive level is something of great intrigue to Curtis — who looks forward to helping Shawnee State retain — and build upon — its top-notch ESports status in the future.

“Playing fighting games, in general, has always been a hobby of mine,” Curtis said. “I never once thought that I would be in a situation where I would be in an Esports situation. Actually getting to play and really compete is awesome, because I love just grinding out the game and trying to get better. I just want to get better and grind out those Ws.”

Fuller to join ESports program

in addition to bowling

Along with Curtis, the Shawnee State ESports program will have another multi-sport athlete in the form of Trenton Fuller, who will bowl in addition to playing ESports.

Fuller, who graduated from Fairland High School in nearby Proctorville, will play Overwatch for the Bears.

He graduated summa cum laude from Fairland this past spring.

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