2020-21 all-Southern Ohio Conference basketball honors

Staff Report

Girls — Southern Ohio Conference Division I Awards

Player of the Year — Ava Hassel, Notre Dame

Defensive Player of the Year — Claire Dettwiller, Notre Dame

Coach of the Year — J.D. McKenzie, Notre Dame

Girls — SOC I First Team

Ava Hassel, Notre Dame

Claire Dettwiller, Notre Dame

Isabel Cassidy, Notre Dame

Morgan Lyons, Symmes Valley

Desiree Simpson, Symmes Valley

Kasey Kimbler, Green

Kame Sweeney, Green

Shelby Easter, New Boston

MacKenzie Whitley, New Boston

Bella Whaley, Ironton St. Joe

Brooklyn Tackett, Western

Mia Caldwell, East

Shaley Munion, Clay

Girls — SOC I Second Team

Annie Dettwiller, Notre Dame

Kamryn Bradford, Notre Dame

Jenna Malone, Symmes Valley

Kylee Thompson, Symmes Valley

Anna Knapp, Green

Dylan O’Rourke, New Boston

Emma Whaley, Ironton St. Joe

Emilee Blankenship, Ironton St. Joe

Kenzi Ferneau, Western

Alyssa Marhoover, Western

Savannah Dingess, East

Kat Cochran, Clay

Girls — Southern Ohio Conference Division II Awards

Player of the Year — Kaylee Darnell, Wheelersburg

Co-Defensive Players of the Year — Haidyn Wamsley, Northwest and Livi Shonkwiler, Minford

Coach of the Year — Dusty Spradlin, Wheelersburg

Girls — SOC II First Team

Kaylee Darnell, Wheelersburg

Ellie Kallner, Wheelersburg

Alaina Keeney, Wheelersburg

Eden Cline, West

Lexi Deaver, West

Zoiee Smith, Waverly

Paige Carter, Waverly

Haidyn Wamsley, Northwest

Val Copas, Northwest

Chloe Chambers, Oak Hill

Bri Claxon, South Webster

Livi Shonkwiler, Minford

Abby Cochenour, Eastern

Haley Whitt, Valley

Girls — SOC II Second Team

Makenna Walker, Wheelersburg

Lauren Jolly, Wheelersburg

Emma Sayre, West

Charlie Jo Howard, West

Carli Knight, Waverly

Ava Jenkins, Northwest

Brooke Howard, Oak Hill

Olivia Clarkson, Oak Hill

Faith Maloney, South Webster

Skylar Zimmerman, South Webster

Kynedi Davis, Minford

Addison Cochenour, Eastern

Madison Montgomery, Valley

* * *

Boys — Southern Ohio Conference Division I Awards

Player of the Year — Kyle Sexton, New Boston

Co-Defensive Players of the Year — Chase Clark, New Boston and Jimmy Mahlmeister, Ironton St. Joe

Coach of the Year — Adam Cox, New Boston

Boys — SOC I First Team

Kyle Sexton, New Boston

Tanner Voiers, New Boston

De’Von Jones, New Boston

J.C. Damron, Ironton St. Joe

Jimmy Mahlmeister, Ironton St. Joe

Johnathan Strickland, Notre Dame

Dylan Seison, Notre Dame

Kolten Miller, Western

Luke Leith, Symmes Valley

Levi Sampson, Green

Shaden Malone, Clay

Austin Baughman, East

Boys — SOC I Second Team

Chase Clark, New Boston

Grady Jackson, New Boston

Jackson Rowe, Ironton St. Joe

Matt Sheridan, Ironton St. Joe

Caleb Nichols, Notre Dame

Noah Whitt, Western

Colton Montgomery, Western

Drew Scherer, Symmes Valley

Eli Patterson, Symmes Valley

Ethan Huffman, Green

Levi Singleton, Green

Clay Cottle, Clay

Landehn Pernell, East

Boys — Southern Ohio Conference Division II Awards

Player of the Year — Trey Robertson, Waverly

Defensive Player of the Year — Mark Stulley, Waverly

Co-Coaches of the Year — Steven Ater, Wheelrsburg & Caleb McClanahan, West

Boys — SOC II First Team

Matthew Miller, Wheelersburg

J.J. Truitt, Wheelersburg

Carter McCorkle, Wheelersburg

Trey Robertson, Waverly

Zeke Brown, Waverly

Luke Howard, West

Rodney Moore, West

Trenton Zimmerman, Minford

George Arnett, Valley

Brycen Carver, Northwest

Trae Zimmerman, South Webster

Neil Leist, Eastern

Landon Hines, Oak Hill

Boys — SOC II Second Team

Eli Swords, Wheelersburg

Kenny Sanderlin, Wheelersburg

Mark Stulley, Waverly

Will Futhey, Waverly

Noah Coleman, West

Elijah Vogelsong-Lewis, Minford

Skyler Knore, Minford

Jace Copley, Valley

Ty Perkins, Valley

Connor Lintz, Northwest

Cam Carpenter, South Webster

Dillion Mattox, Eastern

Braylon Howell, Oak Hill


Staff Report