How coronavirus has affected sports

By Nathan Ewing - Contributing Columnist

The coronavirus seems to be taking over the world and has had a negative effect on pretty much everything going on. So many people love sports and watch or play them on a regular basis, but with the virus in full swing, everything has come to a halt.

Most professional and non-professional leagues have had to stop because of the pandemic. This has had a massive effect on many people around the world. For example, if you look at all the college teams, they have had to stop with immediate effect and have lost out on their entire seasons.

The problem with this is that this, to many young athletes, is their last year of eligibility which they are never going to be able to get back. They could have many big schools looking at them and wanting to recruit them, but because of this, it’s much harder to do.

It’s very hard because some have worked their whole life to get to this point and now it’s over. I think the most fair and sensible thing to do would be to give everyone another year of eligibility and void the season completely.

Although this would help many athletes, there are many that won’t get the opportunity again. For example, Shawnee State University had the chance to represent basketball at the national tournament, but unfortunately this was cancelled. Even with another year of eligibility, there is no guarantee that they will qualify for next year’s tournament, so this is a devastating blow for all involved.

This has affected many countries and leagues. If you look at the biggest soccer league in the world, which is the Premier League, they are currently waiting to see what happens next. They are planning to resume the league when the pandemic calms down. But no one knows when this might happen.

There are many people that want the league to be voided and started again the following year. The problem with this is there are many repercussions. If you look at the teams at the bottom and top of the league, this is very unfair because the people in the relegation zone still have games remaining to get themselves out of that position. So, to relegate them would be completely unfair.

Also, if you look at the top, league leader Liverpool has never won the Premier League and it only needs to win two out of the eight remaining games. As they have gone unbeaten most of the season, again this seems harsh to do.

One of the possible solutions was because of the Euro 2020 Soccer Tournament being cancelled and moved to the following year, this gives more time to play the remainder of the Premier League.

Officials in the league said that they are going to try and play all of the remaining games under a closed stadium, which means no supporters will be allowed to attend. It will just be the players and staff.

They are planning to choose a few stadiums in England and have all games played there to make it fair, and to try and stop the spread of the coronavirus.

By doing this they are finishing the league and making sure the teams get what they want and deserve in the fairest way possible.

Something positive is happening in the English Premier League as we speak. Everyone knows soccer players get paid an enormous amount of money. But a lot of players that are on good salary are taking between 70 and 50-percent pay cuts to help pay the staff and others that are not getting paid.

Although many say “well, so they should”, nobody is forcing them to do this and I think it’s a very positive act they are doing to help.

I think it’s great that they are trying to carry on with soccer and get back to normality as soon as possible. But in my opinion, sport is not as important as people’s lives. Although it may not affect you directly, many others are contracting the virus and spreading it.

I believe we need to be worrying about our health and everyone around us before we start to think about sports again. Hopefully, this will be over with soon and everyone can get back to normal.

By Nathan Ewing

Contributing Columnist

Nathan Ewing is from England and attends Shawnee State University. He is a member of the SSU Men’s Soccer Team and majors in Sports Management. He hopes to be a soccer coach.

Nathan Ewing is from England and attends Shawnee State University. He is a member of the SSU Men’s Soccer Team and majors in Sports Management. He hopes to be a soccer coach.