Boys Basketball: Standings and Scoring Leaders (As of 2/9)

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Standings for Scioto County boys basketball thru 2/9:

*Standings are in alphabetical order based on winning percentage only.

New Boston 19-1 (13-0 SOC I)

Wheelersburg 17-2 (12-1 SOC II)

Minford 10-8 (7-7 SOC II)

Green 9-9 (5-6 SOC I)

Portsmouth 8-11 (5-7 OVC)

Valley 8-11 (6-7 SOC II)

South Webster 8-11 (5-8 SOC II)

Notre Dame 6-12 (3-9 SOC I)

Clay 6-13 (5-7 SOC I)

West 6-13 (4-9 SOC II)

Northwest 4-16 (1-13 SOC II)

East 0-18 (0-12 SOC I)

Points per game (ppg) leaders thru 2/9:

Gage Sampson, senior, Green: 20.9 ppg (eighteen games played)

Kyle Sexton, junior, New Boston: 19.0 ppg (twenty games played)

Matthew Fraulini, senior, Portsmouth: 17.6 ppg (nineteen games played)

Brayden Bockway, senior, South Webster: 15.9 ppg (nineteen games played)

J.J. Truitt, junior, Wheelersburg: 15.4 ppg (nineteen games played)

Tanner Voiers, junior, New Boston: 14.8 ppg (twenty games played)

Shaden Malone, junior, Clay: 13.4 ppg (nineteen games played)

Jermaine Powell, sophomore, Notre Dame: 13.2 ppg (eighteen games played)

Kayden Mollette, senior, Valley: 12.7 ppg (nineteen games played)

Nick Davis, senior, West: 12.6 ppg (seventeen games played)

Staff Report

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© 2020 Portsmouth Daily Times, all rights reserved