Building from last season

The Mohawks look to challenge Oak Hill for tops in SOC I

By Jacob Smith - [email protected]

The Northwest Mohawks are looking to build off of their end of the season victories last year. With the return of standout sophomore Billy Crabtree in their third to last game of the regular season against Notre Dame, the Mohawks were able to win their last three games of the 2017 season over Notre Dame, Green, and Symmes Valley. If the Mohawks are able to carry that momentum forward, they will be competing for one of the top spots in the SOC 1 under head coach Doug Montavon.

Montavon has instilled a new military ranking system for his players to follow during summer workouts and walk throughs. The idea behind the system is that if you show up and do what you’re supposed to, when you’re supposed to, you will be awarded stickers for your helmet and promotions within the ranking system.

The Mohawk team has certainly rallied behind this idea, according to some of the players. Senior running back Austin Penrod spoke very highly of the way that the new system has encouraged himself and his teammates to come in during their downtime, so they can improve their skills in preparation for the season. “From years before, we haven’t really had kids come in the locker room and work during the offseason” said Penrod, “This year has been completely different. Almost the whole team has been here. Throughout the summer, spring, everyone has been working out and doing what they can to put the work in. The results have shown a lot, a lot of kids have been moving up weight classes.”

Another senior running back for the Mohawks, Timmy Emmons, said that the workout system has brought out a competitive fire amongst the team. “It’s helping because it makes everyone compete more, in the weight room and on the field,” said Emmons, “It makes everyone feel like they need to get that much closer to the higher ranking.”

Northwest has added a good number of underclassman to this year’s team, which the players believe has heightened every player on the team and has challenged everyone to step up. “It’s very nice because last year we didn’t have a lot of freshman on JV” said Senior offensive lineman Taylor Phillips, “We weren’t able to play as much as we wanted to, so now it’ll be a lot easier for everyone to practice against competition.”

In order to carry the momentum from the Mohawks final three victories of last season into this one, junior Kaden Zumbro says that all the guys have to look towards their senior class as their motivation to try and send them out on a positive note to end their careers. “We have a lot of motivational people out there on the field” said Zumbro, “They’re going to make us stay positive, and even if we do get down, we’re going to have guys there that make sure we stay up and fight for that extra yard every play.”

For junior running back Billy Crabtree, he is looking at one game in particular that he wants to get back from a year ago. “I’m looking at week four against Minford, that’s the game I’m really excited to play” said Crabtree, “Last year, we all went back forth. It’s a rivalry, it’s a game we all circle on the calendar to get ready to play.”

Northwest opens their season Friday August 24th at 7 p.m. at home against the Southeastern Panthers.

The Mohawks look to challenge Oak Hill for tops in SOC I

By Jacob Smith

[email protected]

Reach Jacob Smith at (740) 353-3101 ext. 1930, by email at [email protected], or on Twitter @JacobSmithPDT

Reach Jacob Smith at (740) 353-3101 ext. 1930, by email at [email protected], or on Twitter @JacobSmithPDT