Webb scores goal in District All-Star soccer

Humble, Cordle, Risner add assists

Staff Report

Overall, the Scioto County area has had a major impact on the game of soccer, and the growth of the sport, since the turn of the millennium.

That talent was showcased in spades once again as Northwest’s Tyler Webb scored a goal and Eli Cordle added an assists in their squad’s 8-2 victory, while Madison Humble and Marissa Risner combined for three assists in a 10-1 win for its squad in the District Soccer Senior All-Star Games that were held at Zane Trace High School on Sunday afternoon in Kingston.

Boys Game

Webb, who starred for the Mohawks all year long, added his lone goal in the 43rd minute of the 8-2 victory. His goal sparked a four-goal effort over a four-minute span for the visitors, who won 8-2 over the home squad. Cordle added an assist to Waverly’s Tyler Newman, who also scored twice in the victory.

Visitors 8, Home 2


First Half:

V 21:41 Tyler Newman (Waverly) (Michael Norris (Alexander))

Second Half:

V 37:18 Tyler Webb (Northwest) (Michael Norris (Alexander))

V 34:51 Michael Norris (Alexander) (-)

V 34:08 Stephen “Michael” Benson (Jackson) (Michael Norris (Alexander))

V 33:50 Michael Norris (Alexander) (Austyn Chen (Marietta))

V 22:25 Rex Hartman (Southeastern) (Kenneth “Reason” Padgett (Jackson))

V 21:08 Tyler Newman (Waverly) (Eli Cordle (Minford))

H 9:36 Marshall Ward (Hillsboro) (Kyle Luncke (Lynchburg Clay))

V 8:55 Rex Hartman (Southeastern) (Kenneth “Reason” Padgett (Jackson))

H 4:45 Chase Cummings (West Union) (Marshall Ward (Hillsboro))

Girls Game

Risner and Humble, who are products of Minford and Wheelersburg, respectively, each collected an assist in the first half, with the pair each finding Mika Johnson of Jackson in the 34th and 39th minutes of action. Humble then found Johnson again in the 71st minute to close out the scoring.

Visitors 10, Home 1


First Half:

V 32:11 McKinley Mitten (Southeastern) (-)

V 7:57 Theron Ruff (Fairfield Union) (-)

V 7:33 Mika Johnson (Jackson) (Marissa Risner (Minford))

V 1:36 Mika Johnson (Jackson) (Madison Humble (Wheelersburg))

Second Half:

H 35:59 Madison Hopkins (Eastern Brown) (Lakyn Hupp (North Adams))

V 27:13 Emmy Beck-Aden (Athens) (Lexi Long (Logan Elm))

V 26:04 Mika Johnson (Jackson) (-)

V 22:46 Theron Ruff (Fairfield Union) (-)

V 16:10 Theron Ruff (Fairfield Union) (Madison Newell (Fairfield Union))

V 11:22 Mika Johnson (Jackson) (Theron Ruff (Fairfield Union))

V 9:17 Mika Johnson (Jackson) (Madison Humble (Wheelersburg))

Humble, Cordle, Risner add assists

Staff Report