61 players named All-SOC in BSOC

By Kevin Colley - [email protected]

Over the course of the 2017 campaign, competitive soccer matches dotted the landscape throughout the Southern Ohio Conference’s Division I and II soccer ranks — which ultimately led to the SOC I Champion (South Webster) and the SOC II Champion (Northwest) facing off against each other in the regional semifinals after both won Division III District Championships to cap off another excellent season for the SOC.

As a result, 61 players were honored as a part of the All-SOC soccer teams for 2017, including eight each for the Jeeps and the Mohawks on the first team alone — the SOC I and SOC II champs who finished with a combined record of 34-3-4 in 2017.

SOC I Review

For the SOC I, South Webster was led by Sam Holstein, who not only picked up First-Team All-SOC I honors, but did so while obtaining SOC I Co-Player of the Year accolades. His coach, Corey Claxon, joined Holstein on the honor roll as the veteran leader of the South Webster soccer program picked up yet another SOC I Coach of the Year honor.

Fellow frontline hand Shiloah Blevins, along with Ty Collins, Devyn Coriell, Caleb Cunningham, Braden Martin, Jacob Ruth, and Michael Andrews rounded out a complete effort for the Jeeps. Dee Thompson, goalkeeper Tanner Voiers, and backline standout Josiah Edwards gave South Webster a conference-high 11 honorees overall. Each of the eight first team honorees return next season to give the Jeeps a shot at an OHSAA Final Four berth in 2018.

Valley, who, like New Boston and Clay, finished with an identical mark of 2-4 overall in SOC I action en route to a three-way tie for second place in the league with both squads, put Cayton Ruby on the first team unit. Ruby also shared SOC I Co-POY accolades along with Holstein for his efforts. The fellow offensive duo of Cameron Phillips and Brandon Phillips, along with Hunter Greathouse, rounded out the first team for the Indians, while Ben Howard and star goalkeeper Trevon Donini made an appearance on the second team unit.

For Clay, SOC I Defensive Player of the Year Dakota Dodds — who collected an outstanding 36 saves against Northwest in the Panthers’ season-opener en route to winning said honor — led the charge. He was joined by the star offensive trio of Bryce Toomire, Marco Valle, and Tanner Richards on the first team list. All four return next season for the Panthers. Senior defenders McGwire Garrison and Keeton Brown rounded out the list of honorees for Clay.

As for New Boston, the steadily improving Tigers put offensive stalwarts Kade Conley, Kyle McQuithy, and Malachi Potts, along with freshman goalkeeper Kyle Sexton, on the first team list. New Boston’s Bryce Davis and CJ Craft joined the quartet with their second team mentions as the pair contributed to a solid season that saw the Tigers pull out a thrilling penalty-kick victory over South Point in a sectional semifinal matchup.

SOC Division I

First Team: South Webster: Sam Holstein, Shiloah Blevins, Jacob Ruth, Michael Andrews, Ty Collins, Devyn Coriell, Caleb Cunningham, Braden Martin. Valley: Cayton Ruby, Cameron Phillips, Brandon Phillips, Hunter Greathouse. Glenwood: Kade Conley, Kyle Sexton, Malachi Potts, Kyle McQuithy. Clay: Bryce Toomire, Dakota Dodds, Marco Valle, Tanner Richards.

Second Team: South Webster: Dee Thompson, Tanner Voiers, Josiah Edwards. Valley: Ben Howard, Trevon Donini. Glenwood: Bryce Davis, CJ Craft. Clay: McGwire Garrison, Keeton Brown.

Co-Player of the Year: Sam Holstein-South Webster

Co-Player of the Year: Cayton Ruby-Valley

Defensive Player of the Year: Dakota Dodds-Clay

Coach of the Year: Corey Claxon-South Webster

Order of Finish: South Webster (6-0), Valley (2-4), Glenwood (2-4), Clay (2-4).

SOC II Review

In the SOC II realm, Northwest, who didn’t lose a single affair in 2017 until its narrow 2-1 defeat to South Webster in the Division III, Region 11 Semifinals, used its excellent campaign to take control of the SOC II list. Evan Throckmorton, who captured the SOC II Player of the Year Award, led the charge, while Tyler Webb, Hunter Berry, Austin Speer, Mason Campbell, Trent Deemer, Harald Rundquist, and Cody Mosley all joined Throckmorton on the first team in a balanced and exceptional attack on both ends of the pitch for the Mohawks.

As a result of the aforementioned point, Josh Keeney deservingly took home SOC I Coach of the Year honors based on the strong 19-1 record that Northwest put together in 2017. The Mohawks’ Jacob Goodson and Chase McClay obtained second-team honors to round out a unit that collected 10 honorees total for the year.

For Minford, Talen Coriell and Eli Cordle led a solid Falcons’ attack that improved every week, while Zach Higbee, Michael Patrick, and Elijah Craft joined the trio on the first team. Adam Cordle, Brayden Davis, Parker Jacobs, and Logan Boston all earned second team honors to give Minford nine honorees overall in a strong 4-2-2 overall conference showing for a Falcons team that was rebuilding from its title-winning run in 2016.

Wheelersburg, who tied with Waverly for third in the conference at 3-4-1 overall, put star midfielder Aaron Jolly, goalkeeper Dylan Burton, and defenders Nathan McLaughlin and Brice Robnett on the first team. First-year soccer hand Athan Temponeras, along with Chayden Holbrook, joined the former quartet on the second unit for Jon Estep’s club. West put Jack Cremeans and Uriah Van Dyke on the first team, while Chris Dials joined the pair on the All-SOC list with his second team mark for a unit that used Van Dyke’s goal to down West Union with 13 seconds left in a thrilling sectional semifinal. Levi Moore, who won the SOC II’s Defensive Player of the Year honor, led a group that also included Tyler Newman, Chance Brown, and Grayson Diener (first team) as well as Dawson Horner and Darby Teeters (second team).

SOC Division II

First Team: Northwest: Tyler Webb, Hunter Berry, Austin Speer, Mason Campbell, Evan Throckmorton, Trent Deemer, Harald Rundquist, Cody Mosley. Minford: Eli Cordle, Zach Higbee, Talen Coriell, Michael Patrick, Elijah Craft. Waverly: Levi Moore, Tyler Newman, Chance Brown, Grayson Diener. Wheelersburg: Aaron Jolly, Dylan Burton, Nathan McLaughlin, Brice Robnett. West: Jack Cremeans, Uriah Van Dyke.

Second Team: Northwest: Jacob Goodson, Chase McClay. Minford: Adam Cordle, Brayden Davis, Parker Jacobs, Logan Boston. Waverly: Dawson Horner, Darby Teeters. Wheelersburg: Athan Temponeras, Chayden Holbrook. West: Chris Dials.

Player of the Year: Evan Throckmorton-Northwest

Defensive Player of the Year: Levi Moore-Waverly

Coach of the Year: Josh Keeney-Northwest

Order of Finish: Northwest (8-0), Minford (4-2-2), Waverly (3-4-1), Wheelersburg (3-4-1), West (0-8).

By Kevin Colley

[email protected]

Reach Kevin Colley at (740) 353-3101 ext. 1930 OR on Twitter @KColleyPDT

Reach Kevin Colley at (740) 353-3101 ext. 1930 OR on Twitter @KColleyPDT