Valley, Piketon meet in rivalry matchup

The Piketon Redstreaks head deep into tribe territory as they journey to Valley for the third week of the high school football season, with both teams looking to rebound from tough defeats to Coal Grove and Piketon, respectively.

Piketon head coach Tyler Gullion began by saying that he was underwhelmed with the team’s performance during their last game against Vinton County in week two, saying that the team lost out on some important and large plays, while further explaining the importance and needed building of fundamentals and overall execution for the team.

When asked about the offensive and defensive necessities, Gullion mentioned that the team needed to be balanced, saying, “We don’t have that one guy, or those two guys that are going to carry the game. We have to spread the ball around.” Gullion also mentioned that the way to give their younger quarterback experience is to give him playtime and to teach him the fundamentals.

On top of this, he mentioned that defensively, the team has to emphasize on defending the line of scrimmage and stopping the opposing team’s running strategy.

Most importantly, however, Gullion wants his kids to enjoy the game of football — and play like every game is a must-win.

“I want our kids to go out, have some fun, and make some plays,” Gullion said. “It’s about flying around and having some fun.”

As for Valley, head coach Darren Crabtree, as he lightheartedly responded, “simply wants to score more points that the other team.”

On a more serious note, Crabtree explained that Valley simply gave up too many big plays and will need to improve its running game on the offensive side of the football, which seems to be their biggest element they wish to improve. Crabtree also wants to build and keep some consistency throughout the game by maintaining a balanced attack.

As expected, Crabtree said that he was expecting a good game out of Valley running back Gabe Streeter, expecting to see his performance be as solid as it had be during the first couple of weeks, with Streeter accounting for three of the team’s four touchdowns in 2017 — one each from the offensive, defensive, and special teams units.

Overall, however, Crabtree just wants to see further improvement out of his football unit on Friday evening.

“I just want to see us come out and play our best game of the season so far,” Crabtree said. “If we can come out and play our best game and stay on top of it, that’s really all we can ask out of our kids.”

Both teams will meet up in Lucasville on Friday evening. First kick will be at 7 p.m.

By Eric Hale

PDT Sports Contributor