‘Burg golf off to strong start

By Kevin Colley - [email protected]

Strong starts are key for building momentum. In fact, those strong starts are usually key in the successes, along with the more trying times, that come later in the season.

The Wheelersburg Pirates certainly haven’t wasted any time getting off to a strong start in 2017 as Paul Boll’s group not only took home top honors in the Pirates’ first tri match of the season at Little Scioto, but added a pair of second place finishes in back-to-back quad matches on Tuesday (Elks) and Wednesday (Dogwood) to set an early tone as high school golf reaches full swing.


On Monday, the Pirates proved to be untouchable in their opening tri-match of the 2017 season as Wheelersburg defeated South Webster and Minford behind an excellent effort from its scoring quartet.

Trevin Mault and Jaydren Guthrie used their scorecards of 44 to immediately get the Pirates out on the right track as Wheelersburg needed just two scorecards of 50 from Carson McCorkle and Tanner Stevenson en route to picking up the victory. Mault and Guthrie finished as co-medalists during the tri-match and led a charge that eventually saw all four Pirate hands finish in the top six positions on the day.

Even without a match victory, the Jeeps and the Falcons proved to be strong in several facets. Behind the scorecards of South Webster’s Jacob Witter (who shot a 49 to finish third overall) and Minford’s Zac Hammond (who added a 50 to finish in a tie for fourth place), the pair duked it out back and forth for the runner-up slot.

Ultimately, however, the scoring efforts of Dylan Bond (52) and Andrew Smith (55) were enough to put South Webster in front by just one point at the finish. Josh Hammond’s 72 rounded out the scoring for the Jeeps as South Webster collected an overall scorecard of 228, while Matt Koverman, Zeb Simpson, and Sawyer Grashel finished with scores of 57, 58, and 64, respectively, to give the Falcons an overall score of 229. Minford’s Annie Lawson finished with a 66 to round out the field.

Little Scioto Tri-Match Team Results:

1. Wheelersburg 188

2. South Webster 228

3. Minford 229

Little Scioto Individual Results (top five):

t-1. Trevin Mault (Wheelersburg) 44

t-1. Jaydren Guthrie (Wheelersburg) 44

3. Jacob Witter (South Webster) 49

t-4. Zac Hammond (Minford) 50

t-4. Carson McCorkle (Wheelersburg) 50

t-4. Tanner Stevenson (Wheelersburg) 50


At the Elks, Minford, Valley, and Wheelersburg participated in a competitive SOC II quad-match with Waverly as the trio of Scioto County schools looked to knock the favored Tigers off of the top perch. Ultimately, however, a fantastic effort from Waverly — which saw Talon Osborne, Conner Heffner, and Eric Heffner accumulate scores of 40 or under — allowed the Tigers to pull away for a 23-stroke victory over the Pirates (168-191).

Osborne, who shot a 39 for Medalist honors, and the Heffner brothers, who each put together scorecards of 40 on the evening, comprised three of the top four finishing positions. Mault was able to break up the Waverly trio by also putting together a scorecard of 40, which tied the freshman for second place in the finishing order.

Valley’s Logan Bloomfield — who was the top finisher on the Indians’ unit with his 46 — along with McCorkle, Stevenson and Waverly’s Cole Robertson, who all shot a 49, all broke the 50-stroke mark. Guthrie shot a 53 to place in eighth, while Minford’s Zac Hammond and Zeb Simpson (54-stroke scorecards) rounded out the top 10 finishers.

Waverly’s Grant Lybrook (55), Minford’s Annie Lawson (57), Valley’s Jared Morrow (57), Minford’s Matt Koverman (58), Waverly’s Ian Simonton (61), Minford’s Sawyer Grashel (64), and Valley’s John Merritt (71) and Ean Stout (72) rounded out the overall finishing order.

Elks Quad-Match Team Scores

1. Waverly 168

2. Wheelersburg 191

3. Minford 223

4. Valley 246

Elks Quad-Match Individual Results (top five)

1. Talon Osborne (Waverly) 39

t-2. Conner Heffner (Waverly) 40

t-2. Eric Heffner (Waverly) 40

t-2. Trevin Mault (Wheelersburg) 40

5. Logan Bloomfield (Valley) 46


For the second day in a row, the Waverly Tigers were able to claim a quad-match victory, doing so on their home turf this time by collecting a score of 169 to blast a furious pace through the field.

Once more, Conner Heffner, Talon Osborne, and Eric Heffner proved to be strong as the trio again finished in the top three, with Conner Heffner leading the way with his one-over 36. Osborne and Eric Heffner followed with scores of 40 and 41, respectively.

As with Tuesday, the top two Scioto County finishers proved to be Mault and Bloomfield, who collected scores of 44 and 48 to lead Wheelersburg and Valley. Guthrie joined the aforementioned quintet in the 50-and-under club with his round of 49, while Lybrook (52), Morrow (54), Robertson (54), and Northwest’s Zach Golland (56) rounded out the top 10.

Elks Quad-Match Team Scores

1. Waverly 169

2. Wheelersburg 207

3. Valley 226

4. Northwest 254

Elks Quad-Match Individual Results (top five)

1. Conner Heffner (Waverly) 36

2. Talon Osborne (Waverly) 40

3. Eric Heffner (Waverly) 41

4. Trevin Mault (Wheelersburg) 44

5. Logan Bloomfield (Valley) 48

By Kevin Colley

[email protected]

Reach Kevin Colley at (740) 353-3101 ext. 1930 OR on Twitter @ColleyKevin7

Reach Kevin Colley at (740) 353-3101 ext. 1930 OR on Twitter @ColleyKevin7