Local athlete goes from Tartan to Pioneer

Lowe signs with Transylvania

By Nikki Blankenship - [email protected]

SCIOTOVILLE- Hometown hero Drew Lowe, son of Lori and Scott Lowe, is looking forward to being an athletic superstar in Lexington, Kentucky where he will be playing baseball for the Transylvania University Pioneers.

The East superstar explained that the college is a liberal arts school and will offer him a chance to pursue an education in either sports management or business administration.

“I felt like it was an opportunity to grow as an athlete and as a student,” Lowe stated.

In addition to playing baseball, Lowe said that he excited to be attending a school where he will have all of the advantages of living in a bigger city, including a chance at internships in the area. The young ball player hopes to use these opportunities to further his goal of being a basketball coach like his father, who coached high school basketball most of Lowe’s life.

“I grew up around sports, and they’ve been a big part of my life,” Lowe commented.

This young man has earned a big name around the East school district, where he has played football, basketball and baseball most of his life. Lowe has played quarterback for the Tartans and says that he has played football since he was in preschool when he started playing flag. He has been playing baseball for the same amount of time, and joked that he has played basketball since he “came out of the womb.” As part of his high school basketball career, Lowe has been a four-year starter.

Lowe says that he developed his passion for sports at such a young age because it taught him life lessons. He built friendships and more importantly learned leadership skills, work ethic and what it takes to compete in life.

Through attending Transylvania, Lowe hopes to develop a career “working with the best of the best in Division I college athletics.” He strives for a change to help others develop the passion he has, while also helping to shape them into better athletes and people.

Transylvania head baseball Coach Zack Getsee first contacted Lowe to inform him that he was accepted to the university approximately two weeks ago.

“By that time, I had my mind made up as far as where I was going to go,” said Lowe.

After meeting with the school and learning about all it has to offer, Lowe knew it was the right place for him to be.

Still, it is going to be hard for Lowe to leave his community and high school behind.

“This community has been really supportive of me,” Lowe stated.

He added that he has gotten familiar with every program East offers by working as either a water boy or manager long before he played on a varsity team. These experiences have meant so much to him and have helped shape him into the person is ready to become.

East Athletic Director and Head Basketball Coach Adam Bailey explained that he has worked with Lowe the entire 12 years that Bailey has been with East.

“Drew’s a great kid. As a father, I feel comfortable saying, that’s what I would want my son to turn into as an 18-year-old going to college,” Bailey stated.

Bailey went on to explain that Lowe is smart and hardworking not only on the field or court but also in the classroom. He is a leader in all that he does. The coach also confirmed that Lowe as started in football for two seasons and is always an amazing baseball player.

“He was raised in an athletic household and fell in love with sports,” Bailey commented.

Lowe’s love of sports has never stopped there, however. Bailey explained that Lowe has an exceptional knowledge of the game and is extremely successful in every sport he plays.

“He’s a great example for a lot of our younger kids. It gives them a chance to see that if you work hard in the classroom and on the field or court, you can reach your dreams,” said Bailey.

Getsee commented that after meeting Lowe and seeing him play, it was clear that he was a valuable asset by his behavior both on and off the field and his dedication and participation in other athletics.

“I think Drew’s a very, very athletic kid, and that translates well into what we are going to expect him to do,” Getsee said. “After getting to know him, I think he’ll be a very good fit.”

Getsee is a first year coach for Transylvania, but has years of experience successfully coaching at the collegiate level. He took that experience and used it to make good scouting decisions.

“Going out and finding good players is what we need, and that’s how we came across Drew,” the coach explained.

He is confident that Lowe will be able to prosper from the academic standards of the school while also accomplishing all of his athletic goals.

Bailey is also confident in Lowe’s future stating, “I think he’s one of those that will be successful in anything he does in life.”

Though Lowe can play any position on the field, he will be playing pitcher for the Pioneers after finishing out his senior year of high school.

Lowe signs with Transylvania

By Nikki Blankenship

[email protected]

Reach Nikki Blankenship at 740-353-3101 ext. 1924.

Reach Nikki Blankenship at 740-353-3101 ext. 1924.