Zach Conner - PDT Sports Contributor

The Green Bobcats play host to the Oak Hill Oaks this Friday night.

Both teams stand at 3-6. Oak Hill hasn’t fared well on the road this season however, sporting a 1-4 record, so Green will look to capitalize on their home field advantage.

On offense, Coach Ted Newsome stressed holding onto the football, not allowing Oak Hill to grab any momentum in the turnover department.

“We need to, one, secure the football, and we need to not have so many penalties that kill our drives. We got a lot of drive killing penalties that really hurt us and really put us behind the chains.”

It becomes very difficult for a high school team, or any team for that matter, to move the chains when they start 5 or even 10 yards behind them on a drive because of a false start or holding call. On the flip side, it is even easier for an offense to move the ball when they get a first and 5 because of encroachment or free yards because of a pass interference or late hit. Newsome not only cited penalty reduction as an offensive key to keep his team moving the ball, but also said it was necessary for his team to keep the Oaks off the board.

“We’ve had opportunities on the defensive side and we’ve cost ourselves with some unnecessary things, just some lack of discipline penalties and we’ve got to cut those out on both sides of the ball. It’s really hurt us the last several weeks, it’s been really something that’s plagued us all year long.”

As far as the offense the Bobcats will try to stop, Jordan Morgan seems he will have a lot of attention in him according to Newsome. Both the rush and passing game run through the large tight end and he’ll draw some double coverage during the night. The Oaks have the ability to spread their offense a little bit with good athletes like Zach Fischer and Wes Mullett that are difficult tackles in space.

“I think all our kids had a good week of practice. Our quarterback Alex Hughes had a good week, and Doug Brown’s had a good week of practice. Those guys have really stepped it up and grown a lot. But our young kids have done real well, Troy Ottworth, Caleb Deerfield, and Trevor Darnell are three freshmen that have really done a great job this week. All those kids really impressed me,” Newsome said of his team’s preparation for this matchup.

Look for a more disciplined Bobcats team to try and stop a powerful Oak Hill offensive attack this Friday night.

Zach Conner

PDT Sports Contributor