Tigers blank Indians 47-0

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Valley Indian fans walked out of the stadium disappointed as Valley lost its sixth game this season against the Waverly Tigers 47-0. Those leaving the stadium struggled with another loss in a season unlike any they have seen in decades. Valley has not had a losing season since 2007 when they ended with a 4-6 record.

Last year, the Indians ended with nine wins and only twp losses. Previous records include 12-3 in 2014, 11-1 in 2013, 12-1 in 2012 and 12-1 in 2011. This season, however, the Indians have struggled to come together.

Waverly has had an amazing season shutting out every opponent they have faced except one in Week 3. The Tigers opened the game with a touchdown, scoring against the Indians less than a minute into the match. Waverly would go on to light up the scoreboard seven more times, which players such as Drew Harris and Drew Kritzwiser whizzing the ball past Valley defense.

Valley seniors Andrew Shope and Tanner Spradlin, both of which have been with the Indians through seasons in which the Indians were the team to beat, played hard but were not enough to stop the Tiger’s winning streak.

Valley had momentary opportunities to turn the game around but failed to grab the advantage. In the second quarter, quarterback Dalton Howard intercepted a Waverly pass for a 37-yard rush, landing the Indians 10 yards from the end zone. In the following play, Valley lost five yards due to a false start. 15 yards from scoring, Shope passed to Spradlin who fumbled the ball. Though Spradlin recovered his fumble, the Indians lost another two yards. With the end zone in sight but just out of reach, Valley had to turn the ball over to the Tigers. Though the Indians intercepted/recovered Waverly’s ball multiple times throughout the night, they just did not know what to do with the ball once it was in their possession. The Indians struggled to complete passes, and could not stop the Waverly ball carrier.

Tiger Coach Chris Crabtree explained that Valley has had a nice run. It appears that run has come to end in a season when Waverly is at the top of their game.

“We have a lot of seniors this year. They understand and believe in our system, and that is making the difference,” Crabtree stated.

He went on to compliment Valley Coach Darren Crabtree, stating that he is a great coach with a great program that has worked well for him for many years.

“That is what we hope to do in Waverly,” Chris Crabtree stated.

Unfortunately, the Indians lost some of their best players last year. It takes a great coach with a great program and talented, experienced athletes to dominate a season. The Tigers seem to everything working to their benefit.

Next week the Waverly Tigers will face the Wheelersburg Pirates at home. The Pirates are also undefeated this season and historically play some impressive football. The game could go either way.

“We have a big one next week. We’ll see how it goes,” Chris Crabtree stated.

Though Darren Crabtree stated that he appreciated such a great compliment from the Tiger coach, it does nothing to change the outcome of the game.

“We’ve had our success, and we’re taking our lumps right now,” Darren Crabtree commented.

He continued by saying that even though it has not been a great season for the Indians, they have played better in previous games.

“Tonight wasn’t our best effort,” Darren Crabtree. “Tonight it just seems they didn’t have the energy or excitement.”

The Indians will face off against Portsmouth West next week at home. West has a season record of 2-4. Kickoff will be at 7.


















First quarter

Waverly, rushing (kick) 11:02

Waverly, one yd. rushing, 0:23

Second quarter

Waverly, 15 yd. rushing (2 pt.) 3:33

Waverly, 22 yd. rushing, 0:56

Third quarter

Waverly, 12 yd. rushing, 7:17

Waverly, 25 yd rushing (2 pt), 2:21

Fourth quarter

Waverly, 10 yd rushing, 3:08

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Reach Nikki Blankenship at 740-353-3101 ext. 1924