Senators face stiff test

Jacob Braskett - PDT Sports Contributor

The undefeated Raceland Rams are taking on the Senators at West Portsmouth high school this Friday. The 2-2 Senators are most recently coming off a 34-8 victory over Wellston high school, and are looking to get a second win in a row while the Rams look to add a sixth win to the season.

“We played well last week but there are things we still need to do better. We believe in what we do. We try to stick to the same practice routine so our guys know what to expect when they go onto the field” said Senators head coach Ben Johnson.

“We anticipate this to be a very competitive game. Raceland has an outstanding team with a very good coach so we need to be ready for whatever comes at us. Alongside of their running game, they have a very efficient passing game so our secondary needs to play really well. It is going to be a big challenge.”

Sophomore quarterback Dylan Bradford has a total of 645 yards this season, averaging 161.3 yards per game. Bradford has also added six passing touchdowns to the year, with four of the touchdowns going to sophomore wide out Josh Berry.

Junior running back Chase Lenegar leads the team in rushing with 193 yards on 55 carries with three touchdowns this season, averaging 48.3 yards per game.

“We are really looking forward to see how our guys respond after coming off a big win last week. We have a lot of young guys and we like to see their progression over the season and with playing a good team, I think it’ll be good to see how we measure up.” Coach Johnson added.

The West Portsmouth Senators look to get a win in this week’s non-conference matchup with kickoff starting at 7 p.m.

Jacob Braskett

PDT Sports Contributor