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The Northwest Mohawks took on the Minford Falcons Friday night at home.

The Northwest Mohawks took on the Minford Falcons Friday night at home.

It was a great night for some Falcon football as the Mighty Minford Falcons defeated the Northwest Mohawks 42-0 in a brutal Week 4 non-conference game.

“It was a rough game. Minford played well. They’re a good team. They came out and played hard and had good schemes. We just couldn’t beat that,” Northwest Coach Dough Montavon stated following the game.

The Falcons started strong, scoring two touchdowns in the first two minutes of the game. Only a minute and four seconds into the game, Tyler McCormick passed to Josh Muck for a 35 yard touchdown, which was followed 51 seconds later by Tyler Compton picking up a Northwest fumble and running it five yards lighting up the scoreboard one more time. Compton scored three times throughout the night. McCormick scored twice, with Mason Brisker scoring once. Each touchdown was followed by a successful kick by the magic punter Tanner Gampp. Gampp was even impressive in his failures. During the first quarter, about to lose the ball on downs, Gampp went for a 55 yard field goal, which came up short but was a beautiful kick that successfully cleared 43 yards.

Minford had some great defensive strategies, driving the Mohawks back repeatedly but also getting multiple penalties for personal fouls. Close to halfway through the first quarter a play was stopped when Northwest’s Andrew Alley’s helmet flew off. After the whistle being blown, a Minford player charged Alley and slammed him to the ground. This was the first time the Falcons gave up 15 yards for playing rough. With four minutes and 37 seconds remaining in the first quarter, medical staff rushed to the field for the first injury of the night when Northwest’s Garrett Rowe was taken down in a tackle. Northwest has had several injuries this season, with 15 out last week. This week, some players were able to return, with only eight out. However, that number may go back up. Coach Montavon commented on the injuries that occurred throughout the night by saying, “We’ve got some kids that are pretty banged up.” He is waiting until Monday to find out how many will be unable to play next week.

Northwest defense was able to improve as the game progressed. After Minford had scored against them twice, the Mohawks learned how to stop a ball carrier. Several times, the Falcons could smell the end zone but should couldn’t reach it. Ending the first quarter, Minford’s Landon Caudill dove for minimal yardage, just unable to push through the Mohawks and losing the ball on downs. The Falcons repeatedly found themselves at the one yard line and either losing their position because of a penalty or losing the ball on downs. Minford scored 14 in the first and the remainder of their victory in the second.

Northwest’s Garrett Rowe played a great game despite being unable to score. The effort was there; however, Minford made sure he never got a pass off without them on top of him. During several plays, Rowe was hit just as the ball left his hands. As a result, he had several no game plays or plays in which he lost yards. The Falcons were also able to intercept many of his passes. With a minute left of the first quarter, Breydan Tilley caught the first interception. Five minutes into the second half, Jordan Bowen caught the second Minford interception of the night. Prior, Northwest had been inching forward on the Falcons. Junior Caleb Dunham caught the third, nearing the end of the third.

Several players from both teams had some excellent plays and earned major yardage. Early in the third quarter, Northwest’s Cainen Spencer earned a 16 yard carry against the fierce Falcon defense. Falcon Austin Daniels earned major yardage at the end of the third. Starting the fourth, Ty Wiget earned the Falcons 15 yards rushing and Daniels earned 13 yards rushing.

Following the game, Minford’s Coach Jesse Ruby was quick to show pride in his team.

“I thought we played a really good game,” he stated. “We executed on offense, and we gave a really good team effort.”

For their first conference game, the Falcons will be at Williamsburg with a 7 p.m. kickoff.

Coach Montavon said the Mohawks have been waiting all year to start the conference.

“Next week we’re going to find out who we are. Who we step up as is who we’re going to be,” he stated.

Northwest will face Eastern at home, starting at 7 p.m.

The Northwest Mohawks took on the Minford Falcons Friday night at home.
http://portsmouth-dailytimes.aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/28/2016/09/web1_IMG_1591-1.jpgThe Northwest Mohawks took on the Minford Falcons Friday night at home.

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Reach Nikki Blankenship at 740-353-3101 ext. 1924.

Reach Nikki Blankenship at 740-353-3101 ext. 1924.