Mohawks host Falcons

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The Mighty Minford Falcons are preparing to deal the Northwest Mohawks yet another loss. Minford enters week 4 with a 2-1 record. Meanwhile, Northwest (0-3) is still finding their footing, dealing with multiple injuries and a young, inexperienced team.

Still, the Falcons are preparing for anything.

“We are preparing the best we can. At this point, you throw records out the window,” Minford Coach Jesse Ruby stated. “Teams that haven’t won a game can be the most dangerous.”

Ruby stated that due to the number of loses or as a result of the number of injuries, Northwest may make some changes to how they have been playing. As a result, the Falcons have been focusing their efforts on building a good defense that is ready for any formation the Mohawks may have prepared. The Falcons have been keeping up their regular practices, with film and conditioning on Monday, offense on Tuesday, defense on Wednesday and pregame practice on Thursday.

Northwest Coach Doug Montavon’s main focus has been getting his players back healthy and ready to give their best on the field.

“We’re just getting some kids back and getting them healthy,” he stated.

He added that he had 15 out due to injuries last week. Several of those have returned, with only eight out for this game.

“It seems like Murphy’s Law. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong,” Montavon stated. “Hopefully, we are getting all the bad luck out of the way early in the season.”

The Mohawks certainly have a better chance this week than they did last. They have learned through their difficulties, with several freshmen now starting weekly, filling in for absent players.

Montavon explained that these players have been progressing well and learning both technique and position. However, this is a team that has been repeatedly beaten in addition to suffering several unfortunate mishaps on the field. Keeping up morale is going to be crucial.

Montavon has been combating all negativity, stating, “We always tell them that everything doesn’t always go your way, but if you keep working at it it’ll start to.”

Montavon acknowledges that the trying season has been difficult, but his pride in his team did not falter.

“When you have guys that haven’t played football in years or are just coming into varsity, you don’t expect perfection, but we do expect a perfect effort and that’s what we’re getting,” he stated.

Minford will be a tough team for the Mohawks to beat. The Falcons have played well this season and tend to run a spread offense and a 4-4 defense.

The Mohawks will be playing host to the Falcons at Northwest High School in McDermott, Ohio and has a 7 p.m. kickoff time.

Nikki Blankenship [email protected]

Reach Nikki Blankenship at 740-353-3101, ext. 1924.

Reach Nikki Blankenship at 740-353-3101, ext. 1924.