Piketon Redstreaks outplay Valley Indians, 35-7

Nikki Blankenship [email protected]

PIKETON — The Piketon Redstreaks painted the field with a 35-7 win during their week three matchup with the Valley Indians. The Redstreaks are a young team with a 1-1 season. Though the Redstreaks start several sophomores, a lack of experience certainly was not detectable.

The score disparity resulted in a running clock with 9:48 left on the clock in the third quarter. Even Valley Head Coach Darren Crabtree acknowledged that Piketon started strong early in the game.

“We were just outplayed in the first in nearly every aspect of the game,” Crabtree stated following the game. “Defense couldn’t get a stop. Offense couldn’t convert a couple of downs.”

Crabtree went on to quote Redstreak stats, further showing how seriously Piketon players fought for this win.

Throughout the game, Piketon had 12 of 18 passes for a total of 155 yards.

“The only pass they didn’t complete were ones they dropped,” the rival coach commented.

Valley is still without a win this season.

They were expecting to more evenly matched against Piketon for a chance at a possible win. Crabtree explained that the Indians have had three loses this season. In the past five years, Valley had only lost three times. He explained that the team is going to have to get back to work and keep practicing until they get better.

“We’ve got a good system. It’s been proven. We just need to execute better. And, I think with more experience, we’ll be able to do that,” Crabtree concluded.

Redstreak fans screamed as they took down a team that has a history of winning. Several Redstreak players came out with their very best effort.

Despite multiple penalties, they continued to earn more and more yardage and block every effort from the Indians. The game was not won by one but really was an example of a team showing.

Zane Barker, Chase Grooms, Gabe Birkhimer, Trevor Henderson and Corey Swain all had major accomplishments, earning more than 40 yards in a play, scoring on a 23 yard pass, executing massive punts, and showing that the new guys to the game may still be a force to consider.

Piketon Head Coach Tyler Gullion had nothing but praise for his team.

“Birkhimer had a great game. I have to give credit to the upfront, offensive and defensive lines. Veach had another big game, but he had all the time in the world. The amount of kids we played helped,” Gullion commented.

Earlier this week, Gullion explained that the Redstreaks are lucky that they are able to play team members on one side. This proved to be a good tactic. Piketon was able to rest players, who certainly needed it playing and practicing all week in high temperatures.

“We came out and worked hard this week, and he showed,” the coach said.

Birkhimer, a major player of the night, explained that the team really endured a lot in preparation for this game.

“We practiced all week for this,” he stated.

He was quick to give credit to his team members, his football family for the victory.

“Our linemen especially helped out. And, our defense really showed up and played hard.”

The Redstreaks did not start the season so successfully, but practice and experience has brought them far.

“This is how we should have played all along,” Birkhimer explained. “It just took the team a few weeks to fall in sync with each.”

Birkhimer credited all the practice the team got in.

“The week wasn’t easy,” he said. “But we pushed through it.”

He explained that the team works hard in practice so the game will be easy.

“We had a great game plan this week. We came out, we played hard, and it paid off,” Birkhimer stated. He added that though the heat was a challenge, the Redstreaks had practiced in the heat all week.

Next week, the Redstreaks will go up against Southeastern while the the Indians will face off against Raceland. Both teams will play away with a 7 p.m. kickoff.


Nikki Blankenship [email protected]

Reach Nikki Blankenship at 740-353-3101, ext. 1924.

Reach Nikki Blankenship at 740-353-3101, ext. 1924.