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Girls Soccer

West 1, Waverly 1

The Portsmouth West Lady Senators and the Waverly Lady Tigers kicked their way to a 1-1 tie Monday evening, August 29, 2016.

Hannah McAllister hit the lone goal for the Lady Tigers from a penalty kick.

“The girls played really well tonight,” Waverly girls soccer coach, Chris Murphy said. “We had the best passing game tonight. We just couldn’t buy a goal.”

The Lady Tigers had two shots clang off the crossbar and another off the post against the Lady Senators.

“We will continue to work hard and strive to improve,” Murphy said. “I want to compliment West on a well fought match.”

Waverly moves to 0-2-1 on the season after the tie with Portsmouth West, with a 0-0-1 conference record.


Southeastern 2, Clay 0

It was a battle of the Panthers Saturday, August 27 on the volleyball court, as the Clay Lady Panthers faced the Southeastern Lady Panthers.

Saturday’s match between the two schools saw the Southeastern Lady Panthers of Chillicothe, Ohio come out on top, delivering a two-set defeat to the Clay Lady Panthers.

Southeastern won the first set 25-14 and then went on to take the second set, 25-17.

For the Panthers of Clay, Jensen Warnock led the team with seven kills. Delanie Gilliland followed closely behind with five, with Lynlee Wells finished with three.

Shaelyn Vassar and Lila Brown finished with six digs each, with Warnock immediately behind with five.

Brown finished the match with 14 assists, leading all other player for Clay.

Warnock also led the team in another statistical category, service receptions, ending with 14 in the match.

Vassar had 13 service receptions in the loss to Southeastern, as well as Skylar Artis, who finished with six.

In points serving, Artis and Brown each had three.

Clay 2, Fairland 0

The Clay Lady Panthers didn’t stop with just one match Saturday August 27, as the Lady Panthers competed in a second match against the Fairland Lady Dragons.

Clay defeated Fairland in two sets, winning 25-20 in the first set and 25-17 in the second.

Claiming the two set victory, Clay was led by Jensen Warnock with 11 kills against the Lady Dragons.

Delanie Gilliland and Lynlee Wells both finished with five kills in the match Saturday.

Lynlee Wells and Skylar Artis each had a pair of aces against the Lady Dragons, while Gilliland came down with a solo block.

Shaelyn Vassar topped the Lady Panthers with 12 digs, followed by Warnock and Artis who finished with five.

Lila Brown was Miss Assist, earning 18 in the two-set win over Fairland.

In service receptions, Vassar led Clay with 11, while Warnock had eight, followed by Artis with three.

Artis led her squad with nine points serving. Brown and Wells came in with eight and six points serving respectively for the Lady Panthers.

Cross Country

Varsity Girls

Waverly 18, Minford 63, Piketon 81

Hannah Goodman, Waverly, 22:19.7

Leta Heigley, Waverly, 22:23.4

Ruthie Wyant, Piketon, 22:52.3

Gabby Towler, Waverly, 23:19.3

Courtney Boyer, Waverly, 22:33.7

Sophie Diener, Waverly, 24:46.4

Amy Shoemaker, Minford, 24:47.7

Kaylee Shinkle, Northwest, 25:23.4

Sarah Crabtree, Waverly, 25.39.0

Kaylee McGinnins, Minford, 25:40.3

Kayla Thornsberry, Northwest, 25:47.1

Emily Shoemaker, Minford, 25:47.4

Grace Lightle, Piketon, 26:19.00

Jenna Powell, Minford, 26:39.6

Arie Correll, Minford, 26:57.1

Brooklyn Price, Valley, 27:12.4

Emily Dean, Piketon, 29:39.5

Corynn Moore, Waverly, 31:39.2

Zoe Elliott, Waverly, 32:46.2

Kennedi Meredith, Piketon, 33:11.2

Paige Howard, Minford, 34:07.6

Madison Fryling, Waverly, 35.10.6

Madison Montavon, Northwest, 35:10.6

Alex Waddle, Piketon, 36:08.2

McKenzie Wright, Valley, 36:14.7

Gwen Thompson, Valley, 42.19.9

Madison Soards, Piketon, 43:12.1

Boys Varsity

Minford 43, Waverly, 46, Piketon 79

Hunter Hoover, Waverly, 18:02.1

Austin Taylor, Piketon, 18:19.3

Daniel Clark, Portsmouth, 18:20.3

Jacob Nichols, Piketon, 18:28.9

Brenden Reed, Waverly, 18:54.0

Caleb Clark, Portsmouth, 19:16.3

Ben Howard, Valley, 19:27.8

Phillip Evory, Waverly, 19:29.1

Ryan Righee, Minford, 19:36.0

Aiden Kammler, Portsmouth, 19:37.4

Aiden Judd, Waverly, 19:48.6

Ethan Haas, Portsmouth, 20:02.5

Trevor Penrod, Waverly, 20:17.3

Austin Spencer, Piketon, 20:29.5

Bryce Morgansen, Piketon, 20:50.3

Logan Kittaka, Waverly, 21:55.3

Michael Henry, Minford, 22:03.9

Jon Hurst, Piketon, 22:11.3

Brendan Davis, Waverly, 22:15.3

Jarrett Klinker, Piketon, 22:15.7

Evan McGuire, Piketon, 22:35.0

Bryce Coreno, Piketon, 22.54.5

Austin Mundhenk, Northwest, 23:59.1

Logan Tubb, Valley, 24:49.4

Spencer Fraley, Waverly, 25:16.2

Todd Kinker, Minford, 25:19.7

Grady Montavon, Northwest, 26:04.3

Piley Cannon, Waverly, 26:15.2

Kolten Bauer, Valley, 27:42.2

Eli Marshall, Northwest, 33:09.6

Ryan Crock, Northwest, 33:43.9

JT Amato, Piketon, 42:00.7

Daily Times Sports Report