God has it in hand

By Tim Throckmorton - Contributing Columnist

Last week I had the grandparent-ly joy of picking up my 6-year-old grandson from Bible Day Camp… which I loved! We drove around running a few errands and eventually ended up at a building supply store to pick up a few items for a project we are working on for Grandma Terri. I couldn’t help but smile as he held my hand while we walked down the paint aisle, singing “He’s got the whole world in his hand, he’s got the whole world in his hand” while still holding my hand, he brought his hands together at the appropriate time, illustrating the song.

It got me thinking, this is my little buddy’s worldview. He believes God is real, that God is good and, among other things, that he’s got the world in his hands! My heart rejoiced to think of what he thinks, but not everyone feels that way about my grandson.

Douglas Blair, administrative assistant for Communications at The Heritage Foundation writes, Your children are being indoctrinated. The education system designed to teach them how to think critically has been weaponized by the radical left to push an anti-American agenda. As someone who has worked in education for four years, I have seen firsthand how your children are being ensnared… I worked with kids from ages 3 to 13 and saw the brainwashing that exists at all levels of education. The left uses a combination of propaganda and suppression to push kids into the ensnaring grip of socialism and anti-patriotism.

First is the propaganda. Teachers will assign work instilling the idea that the pillars of Western civilization were evil, and their memories deserve to be thrown in the trash. Here’s an example. I was helping one of my elementary school students with a homework assignment about listing famous Britons throughout history. She already had some of the more obvious ones: Shakespeare, Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth. “Well, how about Winston Churchill?” I recommended. “Oh no, not him,” she replied. “He was a racist and didn’t think women should have rights. He wasn’t a good guy.” I was floored. It clearly wasn’t something she came up with on her own. She was just regurgitating propaganda her teacher had taught her.

All sense of nuance and critical thinking about the man who saved Europe from the Nazis was gone. Churchill committed “wrongthink,” so in the bin he goes. It isn’t just a matter of actively teaching that America and the West are evil. Suppression of “wrongthink” is equally as important to the brainwashing process. The young

adults who today gleefully tear down statues of the Founding Fathers were incubated in our very own schools.”

My good friend Ken Blackwell, Senior Fellow for Human Rights and Constitutional Governance at Family Research Council said recently, “Critical race theory (CRT) is based on flawed and destructive assumptions. Its actual purpose is the complete opposite of its stated intent… The truth is that its cynical methodology further divides us when racial understanding and acceptance is key to our survival as the freest nation on Earth.

It encourages people to despise traditional values that nurture safety, opportunity, and prosperity. By turning our backs on historical truth, we allow leftists to work their destruction into our fabric deep enough to change the color of the thread — from red, white, and blue to dark, shadowy, and dismal. With its underlying assumption that all white people are racists, CRT is itself racist.”

Consider the writer in Proverbs: Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. The phrase “train up” carries the idea of a dedicated trainer. Parents need to see themselves as dedicated and committed spiritual trainers of their kids. In other words, parenting is going to take a lot of effort and sweat equity. Parenting isn’t for wimps. That means you don’t coast through parenting and you don’t stick your head in the sand and hope everything going to turn out alright.

You get in the game and show up everyday. It’s the two words “train up” that cause us to give close attention. They mean in Hebrew… touch the palate of. Hebrew mommies would chew up food and with their finger gently touch the palate of the child creating an appetite, a taste or desire to have more of that food. Our lives and influence MUST create a taste for God in our children. If we don’t… something or someone else will!

There have been those in the world that have taught falsehood and truth in the world, this isn’t new. Take a look at Genesis chapter 3 and see for yourself where fake news began right in the garden of Eden on the lips of a serpent. It’s among us still and we as parents and grandparents are called to be wise and bold so that the worldview of the precious minds we know and love is shaped by Biblical truth, an accurate view of our Godly heritage and a clear understanding of what God has created us to be. As Spencer says, God’s got this in hand!


By Tim Throckmorton

Contributing Columnist

This writer’s opinion is their own and not the opinion of this newspaper

Tim Throckmorton is the Midwest Director of Ministry for the Family Research Council. He can be reached at 740-935-1406

This writer’s opinion is their own and not the opinion of this newspaper

Tim Throckmorton is the Midwest Director of Ministry for the Family Research Council. He can be reached at 740-935-1406