Keeping Women’s History Month on the Front Burner

By Marcia Harris - Contributing Columnist

We have all been reminded that it all began with March 8, 1978 with a weeklong celebration coordinating with International Women’s day first celebration on March 8, 1911. “With focus and vision, Women’s History Month became a month-long celebration in March 1987 when Congress passed public law 100–9.”

We have recognized hundreds of women whose great achievements have changed the world’s view of the mental, physical, and spiritual strength and value of women. There are countless names from various backgrounds such as Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Blackwell, Susan B Anthony, Harriett Tubman, Elizabeth Katie Stanton, Cecily Tyson, and hundreds of others who have paved the way for women today such as Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Kamayla Harris to become visible with their voice, passion, and achievements.

I often wonder about the hundreds of unknown women whose names will never be known but who were behind the scenes mentally, physically, and spiritually supporting and holding up our great visible leaders.

I imagine that Harriett Tubman had a right hand she could depend upon for communicating to others in her time of need when she could not be available to ensure unity. I imagine Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama having a right hand to support their vision and cause in their time of need to keep the communication lines open. In closing, let’s continue honoring Women’s History Month celebrating great leaders (both visible and those behind the scenes) who made their vision our reality. Let’s not forget the women in our very own families and community that are making history daily right here, right now: Jeannette Langford,, Lyvette Mosley, Maxine Malone, Jeannie Richards, Cassie Patterson, Rebecca Miller, and Maureen Cadogan to name a just a few. Finally, let’s pay tribute to those “behind the scenes” that may be the right hand to our visible leaders! Yes, I hope you realize I do mean YOU! Jumpstart your brain, jumpstart your life! “

By Marcia Harris

Contributing Columnist

This writer’s opinion is their own and not the opinion of this newspaper

This writer’s opinion is their own and not the opinion of this newspaper