Your imagination can do great things

By Marcia Harris - Contributing Columnist

Imagine your favorite moment, imagine your favorite person, imagine a great family event beginning and ending well with everyone feeling so glad they came.

Your imagination has many benefits. Let’s count the ways they can impact you and others. It is often been shared that your imagination is a preview of what is yet to come. Your imagination is a motivator and will prompt you to develop a plan of action to make your vision (or desire) a reality one step at a time.

Studies share that what has been proven was once only imagined! Often times your imagination is a personal moment of hope when you feel you are burdened under a load of responsibilities. You may think, in a brief moment of silence……if only I had the financial means to make this happen, if only I could help my family member or friends believe in their talent and in themselves. Keep in mind, focusing on what you wish for others continues to live on in your subconscious mind. As you retire for the evening, you may clock out; however your imagination gets busy creating how, when, where, who, and why your desire can become a reality. Your imagination is equipped with positive emotion that drives you forward as you visualize the happiness, the relaxation, and the financial benefits that your plan of action can bring to family and community.

In closing, I encourage you to take your imagination seriously. In fact, you need to know that your imagination is a gift to you from “you” (your deeper inner self). When used, your imagination will (1) put you on an emotional high, (2) lower your blood pressure, (3) physically energize you resulting in a more balanced focused you! Your Imagination is a gift to all within your reach!

As you complete the month of February, allow your imagination to glance back in time viewing celebrated birthdays and Black History which represent challenges, creativity, courage, determination, and sacrifices all leading to the present benefits we enjoy today.

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Jumpstart your Brain; Jumpstart your Life!

By Marcia Harris

Contributing Columnist