Letting go

By Marcia Harris



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Imagine you with endless mental, physical, and spiritual energy.

Imagine you off that emotional roller coaster focused, creative, and ready to live your purpose.

Imagine you doing what you do best with the least amount of effort making a difference because you are true to yourself.

Believe it or not, your imagination of a bright future is your amazing brain providing you a quick peep into your reality.

The good news is, once you “seriously” consider the possibility of your imagination becoming a reality, your amazing brain will become creative providing possibilities or steps to achieve your vision

You stop and wonder “how is this possible?” Where do I begin?

You begin by “letting go” of discouraging or painful activities and relationships.

You began by doing what you do best and connecting where you are celebrated and not tolerated.

I realize that this is a painful decision; however, the benefits are refreshing! Replacing a discouraging activity with an encouraging one has great benefits. You will find yourself feeling positive, motivated, creative, valued, and excited to connect making a great difference.

Are you now ready to let go?

Letting go requires that you:

1. Consider activities or persons that leave you mentally exhausted versus an activity which uplifts your spirit and leaves you feeling valued.

2. Make a decision to end the discouraging relationship or habit.

3. Choose a positive activity or person to replace the time spent on your cancelled activity.

4. Commit to this new activity and get an accountability partner

5. Monitor your progress for 21 days.

For your information, repetition of an activity develops a habit which will convince your amazing brain to take your new activity as an important routine in your life.

Your vision and your belief (combined with repetition of your new activity) will increase your memory and cell connections taking your knowledge to the next level.

Your emotions of interest, excitement, and determination will jumpstart your brain to a higher energy level. Your new knowledge and energy will result in achieved goals and your reality.

I challenge you this month to let go of discouraging activities and to be determined to connect where you are celebrated and not tolerated. Your L.I F.E. (longevity, insurance, and faith extended) depends on it!

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By Marcia Harris

To share your story of comment, contact Marcia Harris at 740 353 8056, www.facebook.com or endlessbrainenergy.com

To share your story of comment, contact Marcia Harris at 740 353 8056, www.facebook.com or endlessbrainenergy.com