Living Well

Take Charge of Your Health

Area Agency on Aging District 7

Summer is a great time to focus on reducing stress and caring for yourself; especially if you are a caregiver. Now more than ever is the time to take charge of your health!

This edition of Living Well will focus on caregivers and one fo the classes offered specifically for you; “Powerful Tools for Caregivers.” Whether you are caring for an older adult or a child, this class will provide you with tools to reduce your stress, take care of yourself, reduce guilt, and problem solve.

Caregivers attending the class are reporting increased knowledge of how to care for themselves, increased knowledge of community rescources available to them, decreased stress in their caregiving role, and increased knowledge of how to manage their stress! One participant said, “The class has helped me understand that what I have been beating myseld up about are normal feelings. I can now accept and acknowledge them and have tools to deal with them. It changed the whole attitude and atmosphere of our home.”

Powerful Tools for Caregivers!

Class #1 The focus is on YOU. Learn about the box of self-care tools. Start making an action plan.

Class #2 Identifying and Reducing Personal Stress. The four steps to stress managment: 1) Identify warning signs, 2) Identify your personal sources, 3)Change what you can and accept what you cannot, 4) Take action. Chane negative self-talk & learn relaxation activities for your daily life.

Class #3 Communicating Feelings, Needs and Concerns. Learn & Practive how to communicate your feelings, needs and concerns more effectively using “I”

Class #4 Communicating in Challenging Situations. Learn two new communication tools to help you be more assertive and find common ground with others. Special section on communicating with those who have a memory impairment.

Class #5 Learning from Our Emotions. Emotions are messages we need to listen to; Feelings occur for a reason. The focus of this class is identifying constructive ways of dealing with difficult emotions such as anger, guilt, and depression.

Class #6 Mastering Caregiving Decisions. Learn tools for dealing with changes and making tough decisions, including a seven step decision-making model. Learn about having a family meeting.

Take Charge of Your Health

Area Agency on Aging District 7