A Memorial Day tribute

Kathi Jo Zornes

Dear Editor,

As a patriotic community, I would like to express the need and opportunity for our youth to learn what Memorial Day is about. It’s the upcoming federal holiday set aside on the last Monday of May to honor American war casualties by decorating those heroes’ graves with flags and other adornments in our appreciation of their great sacrifice. This is also why Memorial Day has been called “Decoration Day” by some of the old timers of our area.

May is also Military Appreciation month.

As we approach Memorial Day on Monday, May 29, American Legion Post, Auxiliary Units and Veteran of Foreign Wars volunteers will be out with their trademark memorial red poppies asking you to wear and/or display them proudly to honor the sacrifice of so many for our country through this month.

Since 1920, the red poppy has been used to pay tribute to those who not only lost their lives, but also those who returned, suffering from injuries or complications from wartime. The red poppy was chosen because it was the flower seen blooming in a sea of red on the battlefields of France, Belgium & Gallipoli during WW1, particularly one called Flander’s Field. This is why you don’t see a daisy or a rose being used for this very purpose-today’s youth need to be taught these things.

I sincerely hope this coming Memorial Day that our community will show they still care about our veterans and active military by putting their red poppies on display, wearing them in public, teaching our children and grandchildren what Memorial Day is truly all about, thus strengthening the morale of our servicemen and women and their families.


Kathi Jo Zornes