You are not just on display

By James Spinnati - Contributing Columnist



If you would have had a few million dollars to spare you might have considered an auction that offered a rare 18th century Stradivarius violin. That violin sold for $2,032,000! Someone asked if the new owner was going to put it on display. He replied that if it were a rare painting he would, but you can’t put a Stradivarius on display. In order to maintain its sound, and for it to continue to be a prized instrument the violin must be played. It can’t just go on display and let all who view it to marvel and dream of what it might sound like.

This is not unlike the Christian life. The Christian does not simply profess faith in Christ and go on display. Faith is something that goes on display, by being used, practiced, or put to useful service. As the violin must be played, so the Christian must exercise faith. Now remember there is both a positive and a negative way to think about this.

Negatively, let us consider what happens when faith lies dormant and gets little or no use. Faith is like a muscle it must be exercised for it to work the way God intended it to. When we don’t practice our faith, it withers. When we don’t read God’s Word, pray, or fellowship, it affects our relationship with the Lord. Even when just one of these areas of our lives is neglected, it does damage to all the others. Therefore, our walk with Christ becomes more and more a distant walk.

On the positive side, regular times of prayer, Bible study, and fellowship serve to keep our faith on an upward trek. If we desire to grow in our relationship with Christ, we must put our faith in action. Remember, just as the muscle that is exercised is strengthened, our faith will increase as it is used. Now are you ready? And a 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4-


By James Spinnati

Contributing Columnist