Resident Evil does not leave a lasting impression

By Andrew McManus - Contributing Clumnist

Well….we have SOMEWHAT or a classic film returning again. Resident Evil…..if you are a fan you’ll know this started as a video game series that started in 1996! The next game came out in 1998. I remember being beyond excited to play them and my friends and I would talk about the series and characters at school.

This led us up to the first Resident Evil film that came out in 2002. That spawned 5 sequels…the last two specifically were ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. I mean I think I left during the last film before it ended. That’s rare. This is a reboot and from the trailers, it looked like this would be a mashup for the first two games and HOPEFULLY truer to the games and the classic horror tropes that I personally know and love. I also still play the newer games so I’m hopeful that this reboot will put new life in the series.

Onto the film.

It does not. I will go ahead and let you know right off the jump. It is bad. VERY BAD. However, let’s push through this one and see if there is ANY saving grace to it. We open by meeting two of our protagonists Chris and Claire Redfield at an orphanage in Raccoon City. This has literally no relevance besides meeting Dr. William Birkin (McDonough) and another side character I will not spoil. The child actors are bad. Very bad.

We then cut to September 30th, 1998. The date honestly just to bring us to the “resident evil 2” timeline. Claire Redfield (Scodelario) has hitched a ride back to Raccoon City to find her brother and expose the Umbrella Corporation (think a giant pharmaceuticals company) I also should mention they more than likely caused a zombie outbreak. Redfield and the truck driver hit someone in the middle of the road and the person gets back up and runs off…..the trucker’s dog licks up the blood and gets back into the truck. You can see where this is going.

We then move on to meet the rest of the cast. Leon Kennedy (Jogia) who’s a rookie cop and from RE:2. Terrible, butchered character. Chris Redfield (Arnell) actually a bright spot in the film. And the other members of the military group they are a part of the STARS alpha team. This doesn’t matter because the cast is butchered. The CGI looks like it’s from 1998 which is surprising and the cast is C-list at best.

This is supposed to be a zombie movie, good luck. You barely see any for most of the film. If you MUST choose a bright spot or two it would be Claire and Chris Redfield and the runtime. It’s a short film. If you’re a fan of this series you’ll watch it and probably be disappointed OR if you remember the horror of the last few sequels of the last saga you may be happy that at least you can see what is going on. (The last films editing was choppy and disheveled.) Go see Ghostbusters. Wait on this a rent it at redbox if there is nothing else available. WOW. 1 star out of 5 ( The 1 star is for the runtime)

By Andrew McManus

Contributing Clumnist