Hopes for a 5-star film were in vain

By Andrew McManus - Contributing Columnist

We are back revisiting an old classic. GHOSTBUSTERS!!! Who you gonna call? If you’re a fan of the original films you’ll know the original Ghostbusters came out in 1984 and its sequel in 1989. You have a story about normal everyday guys fighting……GHOSTS. There was another sequel that came out in 2016 that was ill-received. I did however go back and watch this film and it was better than I remember.

This iteration of Ghostbusters ignores that film and is a direct sequel to Ghostbusters II. Would it bring back nostalgic feelings and laughter like the originals? Or was this just another sequel for a quick cash-grab? A quick movie trivia tidbit – The director Jason Reitman is the son of the original director of the first two films Ivan Reitman.

Onto the film.

We open 37 years after the original film. We are in a small town in Oklahoma and immediately the action takes off. We see someone (possibly Egon Spengler?) running from ghosts. He is attempting to trap one and fails. We realize this WAS Egon and he was killed in this battle. The doctors say heart attack…I say ghosts. We then meet his immediate family. His daughter Callie (Coon) and her children Phoebe (Grace) and Trevor (Wolfhard.) They are losing their apartment and the only option is to go to the old farmhouse their father/grandfather left to them. It is a dump.

This film then turns down the action and we start to learn about the characters and their motivations. Obviously, the kids are miserable moving, BUT they have a cool teacher. Enter

Paul Rudd. Can you do any bad movies??? He plays their teacher who is a BIG fan of the ghostbusters. It’s stranger how essentially the original group has disappeared and no one talks about them. I’d think that if a giant marshmallow roamed around New York twenty-some years ago people would still talk about it. They don’t. Regardless we all know where this story is going. Ghosts get out and who you gonna call?

Here’s what works in this film. The cast all play their parts. Paul Rudd is great. Finn Wolfhard tries a little too hard, but his character isn’t terrible. The real star here is Mckenna Grace and of course the original cast. I wanted more with Peter, Ray, and Winston. The jokes mostly work and the CGI is FANTASTIC. However, this doesn’t feel like a full-length movie. It seemed that the whole film was leading up to the last 20ish minutes and then things took off.

I hope sincerely there are more films because when it worked it really worked. My brother and I left with smiles on our faces and STAYPUFT marshmallow popcorn bowls but my hopes for a 5-star film were in vain. This is good. If you like the originals go watch it…if you like Paul Rudd…also go watch it. You will hope for more and I’d imagine which the original cast played a larger role. 3 stars out of 5


By Andrew McManus

Contributing Columnist