Some twists you won’t expect

By Andrew McManus - Contributing Columnist

Another Sequel yes. I know I know, but it is October! This Halloween is the 12th installment of the Halloween franchise. It is the sequel to the SECOND reimagining of the film. Essentially with the previous entry Halloween (2018) it wiped out ALL of the other sequels. So what became canon was the original Halloween film from 1978.

Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) survives her fatal night with Michael Myers and waits for him to return. Everything else is ignored. So it takes the sequels (some good and some bad) and erases it all. I will say the Halloween “reimagining” which started in 2018 was better than expected. It was fun. Great to see Jamie Lee Curtis back in her iconic role, and Michael Myers was well, Michael Myers.

This sequel takes place immediately after the last film ended…one of the few highlights of this installment. If I had reviewed Halloween (2018) it would have received a 4 out of 5 (the ending was bogged down at points….still a solid entry,)

Onto the film.

We open on the classic title screen. The bold orange letters film the dark screen, then we see…balloons? Immediately we noticed a young boy dressed up for Halloween. It is

Cameron Elam (Arnold) from the first film. He sees a character injured from the film who is SUPRISINGLY still alive (sorry no spoilers)

We then cut to a flashback from the original film and the original date Michael Myers (Castle) reigned terror on Haddonfield. October 31st, 1978. We see a young Deputy Hawkins chasing after him. I will say this is a nice tough. If you haven’t seen any of the previous films or even the last Halloween from 2018 this allows you to get caught up to spend and see what will be happening in this story. Some films leave the audience in the dark expecting them to have done their homework. You need to have some backstory explained in a sequel, for new audiences and old (I personally like when they remind you of what is at stake.)

We get through our flashback and cut to “present” day and see Laurie Strode (Curtis) and her daughter Karen (Greer) and granddaughter Allyson (Matichak) rushing to the hospital. One of them is hurt. Maybe they all are? Meanwhile Michael Myers (Castle) is still menacing the town. It seems he almost triples the amount of people he has killed in a matter of minutes. It was brutal and shocking. I expected such, but immediately the film wakes you up and your hand will be covering your mouth. WHAT IS HAPPENING!?!?!

However, as much as I hoped this would be better than the original or at least the 2018 version I was disappointed. The supporting cast isn’t likable aside from the granddaughter and Deputy Hawkins (Patton.) Characters return from the original and sequels (even if they were supposed to be forgotten) and I wasn’t excited or impressed. The mob mentality with the town makes sense, but what if the town isn’t likable?

Micheal Myers kills turn a touch cookie-cutter, BUT there are some twists you won’t expect. That makes this sequel worth the watch and you will be entertained. This just isn’t anyone reinventing the wheel. We see a prime example here about how likeable characters can elevate a paper-thin plot and vice versa when ones you’d rather not see on screen. Jamie Lee Curtis is great as always, although underutilized. It’s October and almost Halloween. Go see it, but don’t expect to watch it twice. 3 stars out of 5

By Andrew McManus

Contributing Columnist