“Time Out for Me” youth programs provide community service to Bridgeport Healthcare Center.

By Marcia Harris

In these challenging times, let’s keep in mind the recent community service that our youth provide.

Let’s keep the good in mind with a vision that we will continue to support one another one person at a time when necessary.

The Young Spirits, Young Mime’s ministry, and “Time Out for Me” youth programs provided community service to Bridgeport Health Center.

The mission of our youth programs is to remind the residents of their value in the community.

The youth interacted with the residents through song and dance as well as encouraging words.

The residents were excited and responded with enthusiasm showing their appreciation through smiles, applause, and encouraging words.

It does my heart good to see residents clap, stand, and sing along with the youth.

It is a win-win for all involved!

Contact us today to volunteer your time or to involve your youth .

Please contact Marcia Harris at 740-821-9515.”


By Marcia Harris

Reach Marcia Harris at 740-821-9515

Reach Marcia Harris at 740-821-9515