Show some love to Ohio egg farmers

By Melissa Martin

Easter eggs are a part of our annual holiday tradition. Boiling, coloring, decorating, hiding, hunting, and eating. It’s egg-citing! Ohio is one of the largest egg farming states in the nation, according to the Ohio Poultry Association. So, let’s show appreciation for humans and hens.

More than 600 egg farmers belong to the Ohio Poultry Association. Shazam! Thanks to all for plenty of eggs for Easter.

“Ohio’s egg farmers are committed to producing safe, affordable foods for families, while providing excellent care of their animals and preserving the land, air and water surrounding their farms…Ohio egg farmers make animal care a top priority by providing: Comfortable barns for hens to live in to protect them from extreme weather, disease, predators and other outside biohazards; Continuous supply of fresh food and water; and Consultations with veterinarians and use of medications, when appropriate, to keep flocks healthy and our food supply safe.” Meet Ohio’s egg farming families at

Nature Pure, located in Raymond, Ohio, is a cage-free organic egg farm founded in 2007. The operation is fully vertically integrated, which means the owners have their own feed mill, raise their own pullets, care for the layer hens and process eggs for distribution, according to

You can help keep eggs safe by making wise buying decisions at the grocery store. Buy eggs only if sold from a refrigerator or refrigerated case. Open the carton and make sure that the eggs are clean and the shells are not cracked. At home, store promptly in a clean refrigerator at a temperature of 40° F or below. Store eggs in their original carton and use them within 3 weeks for best quality. Use hard-cooked eggs (in the shell or peeled) within 1 week after cooking.

Fun with Eggs in Ohio

At the 166th Ohio State Fair in Columbus, the Ohio Poultry Association (OPA) offered a quirky new menu item at its Taste of Ohio Café food booth: chocolate deviled eggs. Sounds like a sweet treat to showcase on the Easter dinner table. That’s a platter of incredible edible eggs. Egg‐ceptionally enjoyable.

The Groveport Recreation Center’s indoor pool will hold an underwater Easter egg hunt. Kids will have an opportunity to collect Easter eggs from the water. And there’s a glow in the dark egg hunt when the sun goes

The Great Underwater Egg Hunt is happening at all YMCA locations around

The Cincinnati Zoo hosts its annual Easter Celebration. Includes treat stations throughout the park, special animal enrichment, and visits with the Easter Bunny.

To celebrate Easter, the Columbus Zoo is having their annual celebration Eggs, Paws and Claws on April 10-11, 2020, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The 28th Annual Children’s Easter Egg Hunt at the Wilson Children’s Home in West Union will be on Saturday April 11th. The holiday event is hosted by Adams County Children Services.

For 56 years, Eggshelland was a Cleveland tradition. It began in 1957 when Lyndhurst couple Ron and Betty Manolio decided to transform their front yard into an Easter paradise for the days between Palm Sunday and Easter. They used 40,000 real, painted eggshells to create elaborate displays each year, always with a new theme. After Ron’s death, the display downsized and relocated to Richmond Town Square

Q: How did the chicken get to work on time? A: She used the eggs-press lane. What’s a hen’s favorite type of coffee? A: Cup of eggs-presso. Please egg-nore these jokes and have an egg-straordinarily Easter holiday!

By Melissa Martin

Melissa Martin, Ph.D., is an author, columnist, educator, and therapist. She lives in Scioto County.

Melissa Martin, Ph.D., is an author, columnist, educator, and therapist. She lives in Scioto County.